Generating ROI from exhibitions is as important as participating in an exhibition! On top of it, ever-expanding advertising diversity outlets have made generating quality lead simpler than ever! However, lead generation directly from the exhibition show is a task that requires market analysis and effective strategies. And since every penny and hour spent on the exhibition stand and related activities counts, it needs to be generating the potential profits in an efficient manner that can be achieved via converting leads into business. Well, there are multiple methods of generating quality leads on the show floor. But how to attain so? Several companies use the same methods year after year and event after event. But the main question that arises here is, can the repetitive methods can be beneficial in long term to generate quality leads. The answer is no.

The way the market changes, in the same way, customer behavior, changes too. And if you’ve been using the same methods for lead generation for years now then have you considered the results in progressive years? We bet, it would have only resulted in the downfall of quality leads after a couple of years or so! Therefore, does it mean, a different lead generation methods can assist you in capturing more quality leads? Well, probably yes! Days of handing business cards are over. Advanced technology onboard is the next best possible way to generate quality leads. With so many options to choose from, and from our exhibition expert’s dairy, we have narrowed down the successful lead generation strategies into 4 simple steps. Have a look!

Create Online Buzz

Online buzz also kwon as “pre-event tactics” must be the crucial and foremost activity to include in your lead generation strategy. This marketing tactic is considerably effective since creates awareness amongst your clients and encourages them to visit the exhibition stand you. Therefore, the visitors who are directed via online are your potential quality leads. For instance, creating buzz over social media and on your website will aware your existing clients and additional viewership about your participation in an exhibition.

Pro Tip: Promote your post on social media using hashtags related to the exhibition (exhibition name), your product, the industry type to reach a wider online audience.

Engaging Exhibition Stand Design & Staff Training

Once you have established the ground-level information by creating a buzz on social media, another step is to focus on is your exhibition stand design and staff training. Ensure to market your brand with the help of creative, interactive, and engaging exhibition stand design and graphics- a design that speaks your brand! Once you successfully capture the visitors’ attention, you will require addressing their need for information that can only be attained by having a well-trained staff. Therefore, every visitor that steps into your exhibition stand must be warmly welcomed with the offering of greater knowledge of your brand, product (s)/service (s).

Integrate Technology In Your Exhibition Stand

There’s an extensive range of advanced technology from which you can make an ideal selection to incorporate in your lead generation strategy. As digital contact forms, mobile apps, and lead scanners are the total hit technical sources in the market. In fact, several exhibition shows now have their own custom-built apps and iPad apps integrated with engaging presentation platforms that enable you to scan visitors’ badges and share corporate content immediately with them via email. However, you may need to check if the app you use is compatible with the show’s badge system and with your CRM.

Interactive Solutions: Multi-Touch & Multi-User Touch Screen

Utilize interactive lead-capture tools. These tools are programmed to run by full-size computers while allowing you to scan the attendee’s information, collecting their information, and also to walk them through the menu of your corporate and product information that includes brochures, videos, sales sheets, surveys, photos, and much more. Interactive solutions like this for lead generation have been proven to increase the leads by 20 percent on average.