Modular/ Hybrid Booth Systems: The Future Of Exhibition Industry

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The Theory: What Exactly Smart Rentals Are?

Speaking of evolving with the change, now that the exhibition industry is responding differently due to several new-age factors, Sensations extends the Modular Booth Systems concept to cater to the needs of its industry mates and clients. Revamped a little, we re-named Modular Exhibition Stands to Smart Rentals, highlighting its key feature with the terminology “Smart”. To be precise, Smart rentals are also described as Custom Modular Hybrid Display- a category of trade show booths that are pre-built with a variety of materials ranging from metal, fabric, acrylics, wood, and laminates.

Custom Modular/ Hybrid Exhibition Stands are the other way to explain the Smart Rental concept. Specially designed to fulfill the exhibitor’s requirement of versatility and flexibility at low market cost, hybrid trade show booths (Smart Rental) are the best booth rental option. Due to modularity technology, modular exhibition stands can be downsized, upsized, and can be easily altered (scaled) as per the fairground space and other various exhibiting factors. Apart from the easily upsizing or downsizing feature, modular stand displays have also flexible layouts that can be achieved every time you re-configure them.

Being the industry specialist, we recommend you to invest in modular exhibits since modular trade show exhibit rentals are a one-time investment and we are happy to offer you a wide range of modular trade show exhibits to serve you the incredible exhibiting advantage. From elite booth designs to easy trade show booth rental construction, we provide assistance at each and every step to generate an optimized return on investment just with the help of modular trade show exhibits.

Why smart Rentals?

  • Versatile In Nature
    Modular exhibition systems are incredibly versatile that can be easily built-in innumerable layouts. Speaking of various modular stand designs, the same can be achieved by simply interchanging the expo exhibition stand graphics as per your brand and industry type. The same independent components of a single modular stand are capable to rebuild/ reconstruct a completely different and innovative modular exhibition design.
  • Re-Utilization 
    You must thank the modularity technology since modular booth systems are designed using sustainable resources. Materials used in designing and manufacturing modular exhibition stands are purposefully used so that it can be re-used multiple times in numerous ways in at least 5-6 shows. Most importantly, all modular display systems require minimal preservation.
  • Scalability/ Expandability
    Modular Exhibition Stand Displays come along with the feature of scalability. If confused then modular stands are can be easily re-sized depending upon your requirement and event hall. The size of modular exhibition systems can either be amplified or reduced without any technical support. Beat any small magnitude modular booth, it can be increased to a medium-sized expo exhibition stand and vice-versa.
  • Durability & Mobility
    Modular exhibition stand displays are designed and build using sustainable raw material that can be stored and utilized for a long duration. All you have to do is, simply store it well, so that, modular exhibition system could be used for at least 5 to 6 times in a year or more than that, by utilizing it for 7 to 8 consecutive years only if the usage of the modular built exhibition stand is minimal.
  • Utilization At An Ease
    The most advantageous aspect of a modular build system is it’s a tremendously convenient feature to reconfigure and dismantle later on. Modular exhibition stands come along with the press-fit connectors and easy knobs that make the installation a hassle-free process. Modular exhibition stand manufacturing has made the entire process easy and can be self-build with no technical support, manual or video.
  • Cost-efficient
    After all such benefits, another advantage of a modular exhibition stand is it is cost-efficient because it can be used in multiple set-ups. Modular displays are a one-time investment that can be reused multiple times. Reusing aspect of modular systems reduces the cost per show every time you reconfigure it and utilize the various modular exhibition stand designs
  • High Return On Investment
    Other than various bonanzas of modular exhibition stands, it’s versatility, reutilization, durability, and scalability make the modular expo exhibition stands a one-time investment. Once purchased, you are not required to invest in a new exhibition stand for your every next show. A single modular system is capable to be reconfigured in various modular exhibition stand designs multiple times while re-assuring high return on investment in long-term
  • Creativity & Latest Technology
    If all the above-mentioned characteristics are kept aside, what different we offer in modular exhibition stands are creative designs and the latest technologies installed in the modular booth rentals.  Modular show stands that we offer have backlit, versatile flooring options, AV and much more to make your exhibition stand out amongst other exhibitors.

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