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Selecting a trade show display is a time taking task that requires a keen eye to make a smart decision before you land up in a trade show like a bummer. Brands & companies exhibiting frequently understand the importance of creative trade show displays, and so do we! We have been designing and building trade show displays and rentals at Sensations Worldwide for the last 20 years. Over these 2 decades, we have delivered numerous international trade show displays, including trade show rentals depending upon our client’s requirements. Whether you wish to get your trade show booth built or avail of a trade show booth rental, we are here to assist you in both scenarios. However, opting for a trade show rental can be a proven smart choice for those who exhibit frequently

Why You Need A Trade Show Displays Rental?

  • Have a budget constraint
  • You are an anon-frequent exhibitor
  • You are exhibiting in various shows on the same day
  • Need different trade show displays for each of the shows you exhibit in

Exhibitors willing to test the market by participating in face-to-face events and those with a small budget must opt for booth rentals instead of purchasing one. It allows you to try the market at various trade shows happening around the world without letting you invest excessively. If you are the one who is participating in three or more three shows in a year, then purchasing a modular exhibition stand display would be an ideal choice. Considering while exhibiting in a show, the main goal is to generate maximum ROI from the trade show displays you have invested in, purchasing one becomes the smartest option you can make. At the same time, purchasing a trade show display rental has abundant benefits- whether you are a frequent exhibitor or exhibiting for the first time.

Two Major Benefits Of Trade Show Display Rentals

Low On Maintenance

When you purchase a trade show booth, the most hectic thing is you need to keep it safe until your next show/ event. And for this, you may require additional storage space, and if you do not have the additional storage, you might end up paying for the storage to keep the trade show displays safe. However, when you opt for trade show rentals, it saves you storage costs, therefore, low maintenance!

Versatile In Nature

Modular trade show displays are incredibly versatile that can easily have innumerable built-in layouts. Speaking of various modular booth designs, you can achieve the same by simply interchanging the trade show display graphics per your brand and industry type. The same independent components of a single modular stand are capable of rebuilding/reconstructing a completely different and innovative modular exhibition design.

Find Your Next Trade Show Display At Sensations Worldwide 


Being one of Europe’s chief trade show display companies, Sensations Worldwide offers you a wide range of exclusive trade show designs. Since we are an established company to design and offered creative and elite trade show displays in Europe for the last 2 decades, our sole motto is to provide a hassle-free exhibiting experience to our clients. What we offer to our valuable clients:

  • We offer on-site installation & dismantle service for your display stand
  • Creative trade show display rentals designed and built by our in-house team
  • Storage facility to store your trade show displays at our warehouses across Europe
  • Transportation facilities to transport trade show displays are still the fairground in entire Europe
  • 1000+ trade show booth designs to pick the ideal one&customiseaccording to the brand
  • Local manufacturing & in-house printing facility where your stand is built using high-quality materials


Modular Designs122-image3

Best Usage Of Trade Show Booth Rentals

Trade show display rentals are a great choice for mall activation and events at the hotel. It’s the right choice if you take the first step as an emerging brand or company and want to participate in the first-ever exhibition show. Trade show rentals are the most reasonable investment in achieving your goal while on a restricted budget. Hence, renting a trade show display can help you understand the market penetration instead of buying one outright. Moreover, you don’t have to limit yourself to planning and designing the rental stand. We enable our European clients to achieve low-budget, creative, and brand-personalized show stands.

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