Why creative stand designs are a must-have for an exhibition?

Exhibiting at a show is all about attracting ideal visitors who can generate business for you. In order to demonstrate your business and product, you must use engaging graphics and design to produce an attractive exhibition stand. A unique exhibition stand design also helps you make an impact on visitors, which is proven to generate leads. As the leading exhibition stand design company in Europe, Sensations Worldwide helps you generate more business and maximize your investment.
Do you know it takes 3-4 seconds for a visitor to become intrigued by any exhibition stand? For this reason, an ideal stand design must include a compelling description of the brand, its product, and services, as well as persuasive graphics that provide visitors with a sense of connection and benefit.

Sensations Worldwide: Why are we the premier choice for exemplary exhibition stand design and construction?

Being the leading exhibition stand design company in Germany, we offer fully customized stand designs for your industry type.

  • We have a strong brand presence across Europe. In addition to timely delivery of exhibition stands to the show floor, we also provide stand installation and dismantling services.
  • With over 20 years of industry experience, our exhibition stands designers understand your stand design requirements and curate displays accordingly.
  • Our Exhibition Stand designs are exclusively designed to enhance your brand image and restore your market position.

A well-designed exhibition stand is important, and our designers understand what it takes to accomplish this. Their exhibition stand design is based on your brief, target segment, marketing strategy, and goals. Our exhibition stands design experts also provide clients with additional stand design ideas that can help them achieve maximum results. Let Sensations Worldwide design a stand customized to your exhibition needs.

How does Sensations Worldwide bring your Exhibition Stand Design ideas to life?

Once your preferred stand design is finalised, we begin the manufacturing process. The exhibition stand and the entire project is handled by our account manager, so you can focus on interacting with clients and growing your business instead. We strive to provide a hassle-free exhibition experience for you!
As Europe’s leading exhibition stand design company, we provide end-to-end project management services. With our experience and logistical capability, we can turn your stand design idea into a reality. We have warehouses in Poland & Las Vegas and sales offices in the USA, Netherlands, Canada and Germany. We can therefore assist you from any region in Europe with exhibition stand design.

Stand Design Consultation

We begin with a brief consultation session with our clients. In this session, our creative expert suggests the most appropriate stand design for the respective industry type that complements the brand. Later, with a mutual agreement with the client, we offer a precise and clear picture of budget as per exhibition stand design and construction facilities.

Stand Design

Our exhibition stand designers critically examine the proposed requirements of the clients, to come up with the best suited stand design. Bringing this to life complements the client’s business and brand. Throughout the design process, our stand designers keep the client in the loop for real-time feedback and accomplishments.

Project Management

We believe in extending a helping hand that makes the client’s exhibition stand hosting journey smoother and easier than ever. Sensations Worldwide’s different departments provide assistance at every step and are in constant communication with the clients. We provide consulting services until we have broken-down custom-built stands and shipped back to the warehouse if necessary.

Stand Graphic Design

As graphics are the key attraction of an exhibition stand, it is important to understand their significance in representing a company’s brand. Therefore, the concerned team creates customized graphics that support the client’s stand design and the brand as well.

Stand Design & Build Services

We care about every client and address all their concerns. We have a team of experienced professionals to help with your stand construction needs. Our team builds high-quality exhibition stands tailored to our clients’ needs. For a successful event, we make sure every detail is taken care of. Our on-site supervision maximizes exhibition opportunities for our clients.

Network in Europe

Our presence throughout Europe has enabled us to assist a wide range of clients in Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, and Spain in hosting their ideal custom exhibition stand. Having operational wings spread across Europe, our valued clients can access our warehouses and transport facilities whenever they need them.

Our Creative Stand Designs at a Glance 

From 6 sqm to 100 sqm customized exhibition stand designs, we do everything.

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