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Exhibit With Right Display Design

Importance Of Creative Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibiting in a show is all about attracting ideal visitors who can contribute in generating business for you. Hence, the primary factor is to demonstrate your business and product in an engaging stand design along with graphics. Other than that, exclusive exhibition booth design helps you set an impactful impression in the visitor’s mind that is proven to be beneficial for the lead generation. Do you know it takes 3-4 seconds for a visitor to find interest in any exhibition stand? And it all depends, how interestingly you have demonstrated your stand design! Therefore, an ideal booth design should be comprised of catchy brand/product/service description and persuasive graphics with which your visitors can connect and find their benefit.


We begin with a brief consultation session with our clients wherein, our creative expert suggests the best exhibition stand design as per the respective industry type that well complements the brand as well. Later, with a mutual agreement with the client, we offer a precise and clear picture of budget as per the exhibition stand designing and construction facilities

Trade Show Booth Design

Our trade show booth designers critically examine the proposed requirements by the clients, in order to come with the best suited exhibition stand designthat facilely counterparts the client’s business and brand. Our designers ensure to keep the client in loop at every step of designing for real time feedback and feedback accomplishment.

Project Management

We believe in extending a helping hand that makes the client’s exhibition stand hosting journey smoother and easier than ever. Hence, different sanctioned departments at Sensations Worldwide make sure to assist the clients at every step starting from consulting till the break down of custom built exhibition stands and shipping it back to the ware house if needed.

Trade Show Booth Graphic

Since, graphics are the key attraction to the exhibition stand; we understand how important trade show booth graphics can be to represent the brand at an extensive level. Therefore, our concerned team bestows personalized graphics justifying the client’s bespoke stand designand the brand too.

Booth Build Services

Every bit of the client’s concern is our concern. So, even if booth building is one of the client’s concerns, we as an extended helping hand offer booth build services. We believe that the client’s place is only on the show floor. All we ask to client is- honour the show site on D-Day by their presence and grasp the opportunities fleeing at exhibition stand. Rest counts on our check list!

Network in Europe

Our existence all across Europe has aided wide number of our clients rooted in Germany, France, Poland, Netherland, UK, Italy, and Spain in hosting their dream-like custom exhibition stand. Due to our operational wings spread in Europe, our valuable clients can easily have an access to warehouse and transporting facilities whenever required.

How Sensations Is The Right Choice To Create A Perfect Exhibition Stand Design?

Being a chief exhibition stand design company in Europe, We offer fully customized display stand designs as per your industry type.

  • Our company has a resilient brand presence across Europe and we acquire a widespread logistical network that guarantees for timely delivery of exhibition stands designs to the show floor along with stand installation and dismantle service.
  • With almost 20 years of industry experience, we understand the extensive requirement of booth designs that our clients propose. Therefore, we ensure to offer an array of exhibition stand design ideas so that our clients have options to choose the best stand design that well compliments their brand and business.
  • Booth designs that we create are exclusively designed to enrich your brand image in the market and restore your market position. Each and every stand design we create is based on our client’s brief.

What’s more!

Don’t wait and avail customized exhibition stand design exclusively designed to place your exhibiting requirements. Exhibition booth designers at Sensations are experienced with a creative mindset who understand the importance of exhibiting and design the actionable stand based on your brief, your target segment, goals, and marketing strategy. Moreover, our designer experts assist the clients with additional stand design ideas that can help them achieve maximum results.

Our Creativity at a Glance 

From 6 sqm to 100 sqm customized exhibition stands, we do everything.

How To Finalize Your Next Display Stand Design Idea?

This section will assist you in outlining the most appropriate display stand design idea for your upcoming show. Once you finalize your marketing objective and goals, you can start looking for ideal and business-oriented stand ideas for the show you would want to exhibit in! The major factor that you should keep in mind while planning for the exhibition stand design is, clear brand communication! Here’s what more you can consider finalizing your next booth design.

  • Maintaining objective & values associated with your brand
  • Engage your target audience with creative design elements utilized in display design
  • Study relevant exhibition shows to your industry and looks for the stand design ideas of your competitors
  • Gather all your brainstormed exhibition design ideas and discuss them with your team
  • At last, filter the best booth design for your exhibition stand and start the execution.

How Sensation Worldwide Can Bring Your Display Design Ideas To Life?

Once your preferred stand design is finalized, we start with the manufacturing process! Our account manager take an entire responsibilty to manage the exhibition and the entire project on your behalf, enabling you to focus on your core business and have a hassle-free exhibiting experience.

All in all, you don’t need to fear about the delivery of the exhibition stand because we have an entire team who handle the end-to-end project for you. Also, we are backed with the full-fledged logistical capability to bring your exhibition booth design idea into reality. Nonetheless, our offices and warehouses situated in Poland, Netherlands and Germany give you the flexibility to get in touch with our exhibition expert from any region of Europe. Therefore, all you need to do is, help us with an exhibition stand design brief/ idea.

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