How much does it cost to have an exhibition stand?

By admin | 8 July, 2024

Do you think this is the right question to ask? Because not every business’s goals are completed within the same budget. However, your exhibition stand cost should be 50% of your budget. Your booth will stand out by spending the right amount of cost and generating the maximum ROI. Trade show booth costs vary from £50 – £50,000+ yet if you go with the £50 you only get the basic design which will not be too useful for attracting the attendees. While on the other hand, your competitors captivate the audiences with high-end custom booths.

Exhibitions are the perfect way to mark your presence in the industry so you should carefully decide the cost. Overall your booth needs to be eye-catching as well as interactive which impacts the participants. Do not run behind the cheap options as it can affect your brand value.

Various Factors Influencing the Trade Show Booth Prices:

Space and Size: A Deeper Look

The shape and size of an exhibition directly influence the cost. Big stands require extensive materials and a workforce that does not fit a cheap budget. You need to understand what kind of space and shape of a stand you require then fix your exhibition stand cost accordingly. We suggest you spend between 30% to 50% on this.

Booth Design and Construction

Stands that demand high-caliber designer craftsmanship cost more than the basic ones. This stand needs customized constructions, high-quality materials, or a unique approach. We recommend finalizing your exhibition stand design cost without compromising on creativity. We suggest you spend approx 11% of your budget.

Top-Grade Materials and Refined Finishes

Your preferred materials quality also affects the budget. However, there is no doubt that premium quality materials make a booth more unique and classy. Hence, it is up to you what kind of materials you want to include in your booth. We recommend you choose high-end materials as it’s all about your brand image on the international platform. Select a decent amount according to your whole budget.

On-Site Specialists

Great staffing can lead to a successful brand exhibit. You need to spend at least 6% to 8% on your staff which will guide the audience. Hire some extra staff then needed so that there is no distress while any other member is taking a break or anything.

Interactive Technology

In this era where technology impacts everyone’s life adding these elements to your exhibition stand will be beneficial for you. Spend on the latest technology such as AR/VR/, KIOSK, TOUCHSCREENS, etc. These elements not only enhance your booth’s overall appearance but also drive engagement.

Before Trade Show

Whenever you are attending a show, attendees should all know that you are at that show it makes them curious about your products and services. That is why, investing in pre-shomarketing is essential. You should spend at least 6% TO 10% on this for the whole trade show booth cost.

Options you can Explore- Rental or Purchased

There are two types you can choose exhibit stands renting or purchasing as per their trade show booth cost. If you are looking for something that looks attractive and at the same time fits in your budget then renting is a great option. On the other hand, purchasing a stand is a long-term investment but it requires more investment. Choose wisely what you exactly need according to your objective and goals to make the most out of the exhibit.

Select what Best Suits you

These percentages of an exhibition stand cost and trade show booth prices are not fixed you can modify them according to your needs. Every brand has its requirements and they work according to them in terms of design, construction, space, etc. Each type of stand ranging from simple metal structures that act as shells to unique custom designs gives varying levels of exposure and interaction.

For certain markets and specific themes, a less elaborate stand may be sufficient, but to cover a wider audience, a larger stand is a must. Assess your goals to ensure that the stand you choose will cover your investment without breaking the bank.


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