Sensations Worldwide is one of the best booth construction companies and exhibition stand builders in Cologne. We have extensive experience of 21 years as a global exhibition stand manufacturer. We offers exceptional trade show booth design and stand-building services for exhibitors looking to showcase their products and services. Cologne, Germany, is a hub for international trade fairs and exhibitions. With its strategic location and state-of-the-art facilities, it has become a popular destination for businesses and professionals from around the world. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 upcoming trade shows and exhibitions in Cologne 2024-2025, Germany, and why attending these events is crucial for your business.


1- GAMESCOM Cologne 2024:

21–25 August, 2024


Gamescom Cologne 2024 is the largest gaming event in Europe, attracting over 370,000 attendees and showcasing the latest gaming technologies, games, and peripherals. You can create an unforgettable gaming experience for gamers with Sensations Worldwide’s immersive and interactive exhibition stands.


2- KIND + JUGEND 2024 Cologne Trade Show:

03-05 September, 2024


Kind + Jugend Cologne 2024 is a prestigious trade show dedicated to children’s fashion and lifestyle. It brings together designers, manufacturers, and retailers from around the globe, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Sensations Worldwide’s expertise in creating interactive and engaging exhibition stands ensures that your brand captivates the target audience and establishes a strong connection with families.


3- ORGATEC 2024 Cologne Expo:

22–26 October, 2024


Orgatec Cologne is one of the world’s foremost trade fairs for office and facility furniture. A significant industry event for the launch of new office furniture collections and networking with global contacts. It influences office trends and specifications in Europe and beyond through its focus on workplaces and design. An appropriate booth design for ORGATEC 2024 Cologne should reflect the latest office furniture trends and showcase innovative designs that capture the essence of modern workspaces. Our goal is to help you create a booth that promotes networking and collaboration between global industry professionals by providing a welcoming, interactive environment for visitors to explore and experience the latest collections.



12–14 November, 2024


Filtech Cologne 2024 is a leading exhibition for filtration and separation technologies. Key players in the industry come together to explore cutting-edge solutions, network, and gain insights into emerging trends. Using our advanced technology-enabled booths for this trade show can significantly enhance the overall exhibition experience for your visitors. By leveraging the latest technology, exhibitors can attract more attention, spark curiosity, and ultimately increase their chances of connecting with key players in the industry.


5- IMM COLOGNE 2025 Exhibition:

12–16 January, 2025


IMM Cologne 2025 is the world’s leading interior show. This expo will bring together suppliers and decision-makers from the interiors industry. Whether you are looking for the basics or luxury furnishings, you will find a wide variety of interior design ideas here. With our keen eye for design, attention to detail, and innovative approach, we consistently deliver visually appealing and impactful trade show displays that showcase the best of the interior industry. Our expertise in creating immersive experiences will elevate the overall atmosphere of the expo.


6- IDS COLOGNE 2025 Trade Fair:

25-29 March, 2025


IDS Cologne Expo is one of the leading international exhibitions and trade shows for dental technicians, traders, and dentists. A total of 830 exhibitors from 59 countries and over 23,000 visitors from 114 countries are expected at the International Dental Show 2025. To make a lasting impression at IDS 2025, it is essential to have an attractive and well-designed booth. Sensations Worldwide specializes in creating captivating and customized booth designs that will help you stand out among the numerous exhibitors.


7- INTERZUM 2025 Cologne Trade Show:

20-23 May, 2025


Interzum Cologne is the world’s largest trade fair for furniture and interior design. It attracts over 140,000 attendees from over 140 countries, providing a platform for manufacturers, retailers, and designers to connect, network, and showcase their latest offerings. Sensations Worldwide’s expertise in creating dynamic exhibition stands ensures that your brand stand.


8- ANUGA COLOGNE 2025 Expo:

04-08 October 2025


Anuga Cologne is the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages, attracting over 7,000 exhibitors and over 160,000 visitors from 200 countries. It is held every two years and is one of the main attractions for food lovers. From maximizing your booth space to best showcase your products to designing it in a way that attracts your target audience. Sensations Worldwide is experienced in constructing captivating exhibition stand designs in Cologne.



03-06 March, 2026


At Cologne Expo 2024-2025, the leading International Hardware Fair will be showcasing a wide range of electrical and industrial supplies, hardware tools, and more. With Sensations Worldwide, an exhibition stand builder in Cologne, you can maximize your investment by building booths that attract attention and effectively advertise your products. As experts in booth construction and layout, we can make your booth stand out and impress your potential customers.


10-ANUGA FOOD TEC 2027 Cologne Exhibition:

23-27 February, 2027


Anuga FoodTec 2027 is the leading trade fair for food and beverage suppliers. Every three years, Anuga FoodTec brings together leading experts and entrepreneurs from the food and drink manufacturing industry. A wide range of leading exhibitors from around the world will exhibit their latest machines and analytical systems that will ultimately simplify production, cut expenses, and advance the industry. Become the center of attention at Anuga FoodTec 2027 by choosing Sensations Worldwide’s sustainable exhibition stands!


Attending trade shows in Cologne 2024-2025 offers numerous benefits for your business. These exhibitions in Cologne 2024-2025, provide an ideal platform for networking, showcasing your products, expanding your customer base, and staying ahead of the curve in the competitive market. By partnering with Sensations Worldwide, experts in creating captivating exhibition stands, you can maximize your investment and achieve your marketing goals. With our sustainable designs and attention-grabbing booths, you can increase the footfall at your trade show booth and drive business growth.