Dusseldorf, a vibrant city known for its rich cultural heritage and thriving business scene, is also a hub for some of the most prestigious trade shows in the world. These exhibitions offer a platform for industries to showcase their latest innovations, connect with potential partners, and stay informed of emerging trends. Check out the top 10 upcoming Dusseldorf exhibitions and Trade Shows for 2024-2025 in detail and plan your events according to exhibition stand builder in Dusseldorf, Germany.

1. VALVE WORLD EXPO 2024 Dusseldorf

Date: 03 December – 05 December, 2024

VALVE WORLD EXPO 2024 is the ultimate destination for professionals in the valve and actuator technology sector. With a focus on cutting-edge advancements and industry trends, exhibitors gather to demonstrate their latest products and solutions. At this exhibition, Sensations Worldwide is your reliable ally, as we create immersive exhibition stands that captivate attendees and amplify your brand’s presence.

2. EXPOPHARM 2024 Dusseldorf Exhibition

Date: 09 October – 12 October, 2024

EXPOPHARM 2024 reigns as the leading trade fair for the pharmacy sector in Europe, providing a nexus for pharmacists, industry experts, and key stakeholders. Exhibitors unveil the latest pharmaceutical products, technologies, and services, driving innovation and excellence in patient care.


Date: 08 October – 10 October, 2024

The ALUMINIUM BUSINESS SUMMIT 2024 is a global gathering for the aluminum industry, attracting stakeholders from across the globe. From raw materials to finished products, the exhibition covers every aspect of the aluminum value chain. As a leading provider of bespoke exhibition stands in Dusseldorf, Sensations Worldwide drives engagement and fosters meaningful connections by highlighting the innovation and sophistication of your offerings.

4. GLASSTEC 2024 Dusseldorf Trade Fair

Date: 22 October – 25 October, 2024

GLASSTEC 2024 Dusseldorf stands as the preeminent international trade fair for the glass industry, serving as a melting pot of innovation and expertise. Exhibitors showcase the latest in glass manufacturing, processing, and applications, drawing a diverse audience of industry professionals. In addition to delivering tailored exhibition stands, Sensations Worldwide understands the unique requirements of the glass sector, ensuring maximum visibility and impact for exhibitors.

5. MEDICA 2024 Exhibition Dusseldorf

Date: 11 November – 14 November, 2024

MEDICA 2024 Dusseldorf stands as the world’s largest event for the medical sector, offering a comprehensive platform for healthcare professionals, manufacturers, and innovators. From medical technology to diagnostics, exhibitors unveil groundbreaking solutions that shape the future of healthcare. As a top exhibition stand designer in Germany, Sensations Worldwide works closely with exhibitors to create stands that capture attendees and drive business growth.

6. BOOT – BOAT SHOW Dusseldorf 2025 Expo

Date: 18 January – 26 January, 2025

The BOOT – BOAT SHOW 2025 stands as the world’s largest water sports trade fair, attracting enthusiasts, industry professionals, and leading brands from around the globe. From yachts to diving gear, exhibitors showcase a comprehensive range of water sports equipment and accessories.

7. IBA DUSSELDORF Trade Show 2025

Date: 18 May – 22 May, 2025

IBA DUSSELDORF 2025 stands as the global meeting point for the baking and confectionery industry, showcasing the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the sector. From artisanal bread to state-of-the-art baking equipment, exhibitors unveil a diverse array of products and solutions.

8. A+A DUSSELDORF 2025 Event

Date: 04 November – 07 November, 2025

A+A DUSSELDORF 2025 is the key event for occupational safety and health, providing professionals with a comprehensive platform to explore the latest trends and innovations. From protective clothing to workplace ergonomics, exhibitors unveil a wide range of products and solutions. We collaborate closely with our clients at Sensations Worldwide to design exhibition stands that showcase their products and drive business growth through engaging experiences.

9. K-SHOW 2025 Dusseldorf Trade Fair

Date: 08 October – 15 October, 2025

The K 2025 Dusseldorf is the world’s largest trade fair for plastics and rubber, providing exhibitors with a comprehensive platform to showcase innovations, technologies, and solutions. From raw materials to processing equipment, exhibitors unveil a diverse array of products that drive innovation and sustainability in the industry.

10. EUROCIS 2025 Dusseldorf Trade Fair

Date: 18 February – 20 February, 2025

EUROCIS 2025 Dusseldorf serves as the most influential trade fair for retail technology, offering a glimpse into the future of retail innovation and customer experience. From digital signage to omni-channel solutions, exhibitors showcase cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize the retail landscape. With Sensations Worldwide, exhibitors are able to showcase their technological prowess while also creating interactive experiences that drive interest and footfall among attendees.

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