The first Modern Trade Exhibition was organized in 1851 from 1st-15th May in London that became an instant hit during the 19th century. Though the era of exhibitions started long back in the 1760s with an art exhibition. It started in London. Since then, it’s been 171 years & every time the exhibition industry has improvised or we can say it has modernized itself in terms of technology. However, nowadays, the modern exhibition is a lot different than that of historical times. Businesses are keen to leave a mark in the minds of visitors by implementing technologies, and using modular or customized exhibition booths, and stands.

Why should businesses discuss sustainability?

The global economy is widely affected by supply bottlenecks and the shortage of raw materials. And to be able to sustain, your business needs to pay special attention to resource management, a circular economy that helps in paving the way to sustainability. When a business is turned sustainable, it drives down costs and improvises the operational efficiency of your business. Nowadays, almost 33% of businesses are into developing sustainability strategies to overcome costing and upgrade profits.

What are the popular sustainable strategies?

Resource management: This is one of the most vital sustainable strategies that businesses work on and is also the main point of discussion at the Interpack trade show, held in Dusseldorf, Germany. In this process, production processes are reorganized in a better form to adjust material flow. However, some businesses are adapting to green energy.

Fabric-printed graphics: Some of the stand construction organizations are focusing more on fabric-printed graphics rather than on Vinyl or other similar materials. It gives you more room to reuse the modular stands in multiple exhibitions and they can be modified as per any stand space.

Circular Economy: This strategy is applicable to those industries that produce less waste or produced waste that can be easily recyclable cutting down on cost and helping your business to sustain for a longer time.

Hybrid stands: This kind is better than those wooden stands that do not attract visitors at all.

Customized booth/stand: This is the concept adapted by all businesses to be able to build a stand or a photo booth at an affordable cost without compromising on design or features.

Why should businesses focus on technology adoption? 

With every passing era, the business focuses on adopting innovative solutions to help your business grow by developing business relationships at the trade show. Unfortunately, the exhibition leads’ have a very low shelf life, so you need to take immediate action. And this can be done when you infuse technology that instills interest.

Nowadays businesses have started to be more technology-driven. And given the current scenario of competition faced attracting potential customers and creating new business leads is a problem. However, through branding, creating noteworthy stories with instant QR codes, photo booths, by using immersive 360 videos, and a lot more technologies are implemented to catch the attention of the visitor and leave an everlasting impression.

Wrapping Up: Technology adoption and business sustainability form the crux of building a good and credible production house. But to achieve it, you need the best organization like sensations Worldwide, which offers the best solutions equipped with technology by offering customized, modular exhibition stands or photo booths.