Significant to the global packaging sector, Fachpack is proclaimed as one of the European leading trade fairs showcasing trend-setting technology and processing of the year! Acknowledging and tackling with current industrial issues and assisting exhibitors to achieve the most- this three-day trade fair is the place where you hold the opportunity to lead your competitors. Since trade fair visitors at Fachpack find inspiring dialogues, you must ensure to display your products in the most innovative and engaging ways!

Well you can turn your exhibition space into an experience- A place visitors can learn about the product, have in-depth knowledge of product, what goes behind the production and more such informational content! Creating such an immersive experience for your trade fair visitors can be challenging but it is the most appropriate way to interact and convert them into clients. When you plan to exhibit in Fachpack trade fair and display your product, think from your customer’s perspective- what can create excitement and make them decide spontaneously! The key should be to tailor your visitor’s experience by evoking their emotions with innovative visual product displays. To help you draw a bit of inspiration from, here we present you some engaging and innovative product display ideas for Fachpack trade fair!

Turn A Product Display Into A Worthwhile Experience At Fachpack Trade Fair

  • Well-lit Exhibition Stand To Highlight The Products: No matter how well you equip your exhibition stand, it all falls flat the stand is not well-lit. While displaying products in your trade fair booth, always remember to highlight the displayed product with some warm tome light. Kindly note- it’s not necessary to use warm tome lighting only. We suggest you to consult your exhibition stand company that you have partnered with for Fachpack in order to make sure that your products are displays in the best possible light.
  • Digital Signage To Educate Visitors About The Products: It’s a good idea to use digital signage in your exhibition stand at any given time. Using digital signage gives your products a needed space from where visitors can get self-educated. You can run advertisements, short videos and flashing pictures of the products. This will help your visitor to learn about the products in various ways a one mode at Fachpack trade fair. 
  • Use Interactive Table Like Technology: From retail stores to big successful shows, technology like interactive table is best to increase foot fall. You can use these small flat screen interactive tables for displaying the content related to the product or showing your product via imagery. With the help of this technology you can do it yourself using pictures and videos editing application.
  • Repetitive Product Wall: This concept goes same like the name- “Repetitive”! In this you can build L shape or U shape wall displaying the same product front and back. To be more specified, display the product in a running motion (one after another). This will create an impeccable exposure for the visitors while convincing them to pick one! 
  • Use Distinctive Visual Displays: Your visitors will not buy the products because they care about the product. Rather, it’s about how you display the while convincing them own that particular item. Therefore, all you have to do is, present the product distinctively in your Fachpack trade fair booth.