“Connect with the most influential professionals in the mobile industry”, MWC Barcelona confirms its keynote speakers for the year 2025 while turning speculations into confirmation”! Speakers of Mobile World Congress are the industry influencers who inspire the change and put their foot to shape the future.

  • PGelsinger, CEO at VMware
  • Xu Ziyang Executive Director & President at ZTE Press
  • Pekka Lundmark President and CEO at Nokia

Now that the MWC 2025 Barcelona is confirmed with its keynote speakers, what next lies to make the show a huge success? Well, with the changing world scenario, all you need to stand out in Mobile World Congress 2025 is to upgrade your exhibition stand with the same amount of technology shift with which the exhibition industry has transformed. Considering the change is for good, the Executive Board of Members at Sensations Group- (A technology-oriented Face-To-Face Marketing Company) highly suggests incorporating the following changes in your exhibition stand for MWC.

Before we dive into the technology gears to upgrade your show stand MWC, let’s have a quick glance at the show. MWC series (officially known as Mobile World Congress) is an international event gathering mobile industry professionals- one of the fastest-growing platforms where innovators and creators gather to represent the latest technologies and pioneering products. And being the technology-oriented industry, GSMA MWC Barcelona asks for equivalent technology-specific Exhibition Stands, and here’s what the Executive Board of Members at Sensations Group suggest for the same.

Technology is an extremely vast subject and plays different roles in different industries. However, in Trade Show Industry, technology is often utilized to manage show floor traffic on your booth, target the potential clients, leads capturing & optimization and delivering the relevant information to the key clients in the given time frame. As trade shows are one of the most time-driven marketing platform offering diverse results, this face-to-face marketing platform is a place where you need to find a red apple out of a bunch of black ones. And in the race to extract best out of the trade shows, most of us still fall for orthodox client’s registrations, meetings scheduler and visitors interaction tools.

However, AI for exhibitions, Meeting schedulers, and smart technology catalogs (hand gesture-based catalogs)- integration of all these technologies with the analytical report is extremely crucial, Application of these technologies in an effective way of targeting the key client segment and nurturing the business.

Programmed to lessen human efforts, smart technologies not only turn the odds into lifetime opportunities but significantly affect the business outcome too, specifically in technology-oriented exhibitions! With our core understanding, we recommend Smart Technology Assistance to exhibitors exhibiting in Mobile World Congress 2025 to enhance the respective customer experience. The following technologies are a few steps ahead to gear up for MWC Barcelona exhibition.

Breakthrough Technologies To Gear Up Your Exhibiting Game At GSMA  MWC Barcelona



  • Smart Catalogue: Smart Catalogue is one of the technologies driven concept that replicates the traditional pamphlets and brochures to display your company profile, products and services offered. It gives ease to your show visitors to browse your company and the offered products & services using in-store tablets/smart screens. Smart Catalogue typically display customised digital business catalogues with an easy interface (hand/voice gesture) while making the business and product are showcasing flexible.
  • Schedulers: Putting a hold on lack of communication, schedulers work as a common platform for exhibitors and visitors to stay updated about each and every meeting and conference to be held in any particular exhibition show. Other than this, schedulers are also specialized in profiling your company detail, products & services including staff information and types of available collaborations. Last but not the least, schedulers are also integrated with ER Show Interactive Trade Show Floor Map that enables exhibitors to pre-book the hall and booth stands in real-time and extends the benefit to search booths and their respective product and service offerings.
  • AI for Exhibitions: It’s not just that Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology re-shaped the entire computer science branch but also gave an edge to the exhibition industry. Automated lead generation, client’s feedback and integrated visitor’s analysis are few extensions that benefited the exhibition industry in assistance with Artificial Intelligence. AI technology integrated into exhibition stands designed and built by us contains the advancements backed by AI.