There is stiff competition seen at trade shows and sadly, milking the best leads is not an easy task anymore. An exhibition stand is a major role player in any event, and if you want to ensure that it attracts your target audience, it’s crucial to note the latest trends to stand out in the exhibition. Customized or modular stands or booths are a great way to attract the audience and are also in trend. Before we jump into the trends, we have also given a brief market analysis of the exhibition industry.

However, there is a growing trend that you must follow to maximize your potential leads. We have listed some vital trends that will help you achieve your goals and probably exceed your expectations.


Popular trends in the Exhibition Stand/Booth

AI Technology

Through Artificial Intelligence, event managers can experience the power of data. Suppose, you’re at an event to collect data, then with the help of AI and BI tools you can easily do that. Precisely one can collect participant data, analyze participant’s data, organize data, book tickets, and target desired audiences which makes management, control, and analyze the behavior of the target audience which helps businesses to modify changes if any. With AI technology, one can ensure smooth execution of entry and exit of visitors, management of the entire, and not with a spec of error or hassle. And most importantly, language is not a barrier anymore. So, if you’re planning to attend a conference or an exhibition in Italy or Europe and you feel language is a barrier then no worries. AI has got you covered.

Technological Advancement

The world is rapidly becoming digital, and businesses belonging to all sorts of industries are keen to add attractive features to stand out in the crowd and leave a memorable experience in the minds of the attendees. These technologies are so made that the attendees can experience unique, amazing, and valuable deliverables all at once, so there is a 100% possibility in milking out the best probable leads through the exhibitions. As a result, more technology-driven techniques are used at exhibition events that ensure full-on attractive modes like selfie mirrors, filters, historic feel, or vintage feel depending on the vibe a business tries to set.

Demo space

Businesses that prefer exhibition stands with more space can create and present their booth in a creative way. Demo areas are becoming increasingly popular in exhibitory areas. A business can understand better if the product is on display than reading about it. Reading does not cite interest until and unless you have mentioned a lucrative discount or offer! However, on the other hand, if you have used an exhibition stand to display your product and explain its working, it gives a better understanding of the same.

Customer-Centric Approach

Exhibiting is not only about having an attractive exhibition stand; it is also about the overall customer experience. Everything in your exhibition booth from design to features should be intuitive and serve a unique purpose, making it clear to your potential audience how they will benefit from your displayed products and services.