By admin | 25 January, 2023

Curiosity and Versatility are important qualities of an exhibitor.  It is crucial for an exhibitor to gain knowledge and to adopt to future trends of marketing and exhibiting products to have a valuable advantage over his competitors. Advancements in technology has resulted in various new ways of display like virtual reality, touch sensitive panels, etc. to engage visitors, by giving them a sensory experience and a lasting impression, thereby increasing the product sales.

“People ignore design that ignores people”- Frank Chimero

This quote applies well to the exhibition industry. Gone are the days of exhibition stands with plain walls and confusing graphics that stare at people. Now is the time to transition into novel forms of displays and stands that interacts with people and delivers memorable experiences.


Appealing to all five senses is very crucial for an exhibition booth to capture the focus of a visitor. Use of distinctive lighting, soothing sounds, interactive display can have a major impact on visitors. With touch sensitive surfaces in play, it is now possible to create a space where the walls can actually talk to visitors and pull their interest towards the company and its products. Interactive flooring with LEDs and proximity sensors are appealing and engaging to visitors. This merger of technology and interactive design can help boost the footfall inside the exhibition stand by multiple folds.


Gamification is an entertaining strategy used by companies to create social, interactive and educating spaces at their stands for visitors and customers. Designing games and activities around a brand or a product has become much easier due to a boom in gaming industry and digital technology.

Advergaming is a good advertising strategy as it requires active participation from customers and prevents them from getting fatigued by general word of mouth advertising. It has a way of influencing people to spend more time on the booth which allows them to get more exposure to the companies’ products and ideas. Another benefit of this new trend is the data gathered from the audience targeted and can be used to create critiques by customers.


Although the pandemic caused a major catastrophe in many working sectors of the world, it also has presented new opportunities for people who had the eye for innovation. During lockdown, many companies decided to hold their exhibitions in a virtual world with VR sets and 3D avatars.

Now that the pandemic is over, this new trend presents opportunities to change the game of exhibition displays with its use. The company could use it to promote their product which are more extensive to be displayed in the exhibit hall. VR and AR also allows brands and companies to present an infinite number of their products without worrying about the space in their booths. Product demonstrations are also much more appealing and informative with VR and AR.


Because of new innovations and advanced technology, holograms are not just for the movies anymore. In the coming years, these are going to be the eye-catching element of a booth which attracts potential customers to the brand or company. Holograms can be used to interact and educate visitors. They can be used to create an almost studio commercial like atmosphere for advertising products. Even celebrity endorsements become much easier with the use of holograms during an event.

Technology is ever evolving and there will be many more innovations and advancements in every field, including exhibition design. Being aware of these new trends and having an undying quench to innovate the display is a major factor that decides an exhibitor’s success.

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