World (The Digital World) that is “always-on” and never sleeps is a cornerstone to make marketing strategies a huge success. Needless to say, digital channels work as a cost-effective platform to target your key audiences. Day or night, Digital Platforms 24/7 offer limitless opportunities to engage with a wide range of audiences in personalized and more tailor-made ways while creating a unique experience for them.  

Knowing the significance of the digital platforms, this blog post is going to be the ultimate guide to unbox some exclusive digital marketing strategies to make your stand a huge success at Interpack packaging trade fair. Now before you step on the fairgrounds for face-to-face marketing and build a network, do remember to accomplish some unbeatable digital marketing strategies that not only offer recognition to your brand but also turn you show floor into a goldmine for lead generation!

Not scaring of the fact but the most common culprit of crashed ROI is not utilizing the modern world (digital) techniques. Therefore, incorporating digital marketing strategies to promote your participation in the upcoming fair “Interpack” at every stage: before, during, and after the fair may help you gather the maximum number of Interpack Exhibition Visitors.

Breaking Out Promotional Norms With Some Exclusive Digital Marketing Strategies To Enunciate Your Participation In Interpack Fair


  • Create A Buzz Over Email: Simply having email marketing at the top of your marketing to-do list but don’t know when and how to start emailing to your potential attendees? Well, knowing the right way to create a buzz over email defines the success of your email marketing campaigns. Sending a personalized email while targeting your potential customers, with a convincing subject line and creative/informative mail body is the first step to buzz your customer’s email box. Reminder mail is the next step to pour in and ask for their confirmation while offering the privilege to be your crucial attended at Interpack Dusseldorf show stand.
  • Make Your Social Media Vocal: Start with the count-down and simply promote your powerful come back to the Interpack Dusseldorf 2021 so that the maximum number of people gets aware of your participation in the trade fair. 

Here’s what our Social Media Expert suggests when asked, “How social media can vocalize your participation in Interpack Dusseldorf 2021?” “You can create a pre-launch buzz by giving hints on what different are you bringing this year, safe packaging ideas during COVID-19. Upcoming Colour trends for 2021 related to your industry so that you’re able to position yourself in the minds of your clients considering the recycling and sustainability of the packaging. What solution you’re providing in your industry through the most eye-catchy and interactive packaging idea that covers the maximum surfaces of the consumers”.

  • Powerful Content Marketing: Creating a series of blogs while sharing an insight to your USPs, what new you have to showcase, and tactics to display an interactive booth can be a breakthrough to engage and attract your digital audience on the show floor as well. 
  • Create A Unique URL: Planning and creating a particular landing page for Interpack packaging trade fair on your website that specifically mentions you are participating in the show can assist you to spread the world at a mass level which in turn will help you attract more footfall. On this particular page, we suggest you pull output all the vital information about your exhibition stand planning and overall campaign. While creating a landing page, do ensure to create a unique URL that clearly suggests the page name and your online audience is familiar with the name as well. 
  • Release a Press Kit: A well-planned press kit can do wonders to promote your participation at the up-coming Interpack Dusseldorf. Your press kit can include product announcements (if any), teaser videos, case studies, or the previous year’s exhibition highlights. To gain excellent SEO, value submission of the press-release on relevant sites at least three weeks before the show can also give you a positive response. 

Well-Planned Digital Marketing Strategies Has The Power To:

  • Bring the potential lead and customers at your exhibition stand
  • Create a valuable interaction in regards to your product/service
  • Emotionally connect with your valuable customers
  • Build business opportunities & generate leads
  • Provide an opportunity to know interested buyers when compared with any other sales activity