Milan is a paradise for travelers, especially with beautiful museums, and art museums and even walking back to your hotel will allow you to watch some of the beautiful landscapes. Though Milan is located in Italy, most people are fluent in English so when in Milan to attend CPHI Worldwide Milan 2024, do not forget to go on solo trips. The weather is smooth and welcoming.

Snippets about CPHI Worldwide in 2024 Milan, Italy

Brief: This event is the world’s largest show for the pharmaceutical industry where a large number of suppliers, distributors, and buyers from the same will take part in huge volumes. It is an important gathering to discuss medical equipment, technology, ingredients, and machinery all at one go. So, if you are from this field, it’s a must-visit show and you must attend at all costs. Each year more than 150+ countries take part and around 2000+ exhibitors are present. However, pregnant women, children under 16 years of age, or expecting mothers are not allowed to attend the CPHI worldwide exhibition.

Tickets: The registration process will commence from April onwards, giving you ample time to schedule your visit, and also finish up the VISA process, well in advance.

Costing: The actual cost of the tickets is yet to be released. So, you can check their official website for more information.

Opportunities: CPHI Worldwide 2024 is not only a hub for building networking but also has so many other things that urge you to attend this show at any cost. In short, any person belonging to the pharma industry can participate to generate affirming leads (with an 87% probability to buy), and you’re surely going to sell something. And once the show is over, the flow of leads is not over! An exhibitor can continue to connect to its prospective attendees present at the show because of the innovative digital solutions that you find at CPHI Worldwide Milan, ItalyAt this show, you will be able to showcase sponsor banners and able to make a mark among your peers and rivals.

The Add-ons: If you have decided to become a sponsor, then it comes with some additional ability to connect with attendees even when the show is over through the innovative technology solutions available at the CPHI Worldwide 2024 Milan. Even when the show has not begun, connecting with the attendees can be done. So, it’s a win-win situation for sponsorsIf you are planning on becoming a sponsor, please visit the official website for more details.

Things to do: Apart from collecting praiseworthy leads, building strong networking leads, and selling materials, equipment, and machinery, there are more things to explore when in Barcelona. This city is endowed with beautiful museums, and great food, and is home to fantastical restaurants that have been labeled as the best 30 restaurants in the world. So, when in Barcelona to attend CPHI Worldwide 2024 Milan, make sure to extend your trip and visit the lanes of Barcelona. We are sure you’re going to enjoy the trip for sure.

What do our exhibition stand experts say?

When in Italy, you must attend this show if you’re from the pharmaceutical field. But before you attend, make amendments and consult a good exhibition booth builder who can give expert advice on graphics, lighting, type of exhibition stand, the use of video walls, custom stands, or sustainable stands.