Automechanika trade fair is heading for 2024 with brand new themes and an optimized layout for the participants. All-embracing the digitalization trends and technology electrification seems to continue in Automechanika 2024. With the pacing technology, we highly suggest the companies participating in this trade show integrate immersive technology in their respective trade fair booths. When technology is shaping to be one of the core pillars, especially in shows like Automechanika, its integration becomes extremely important to engage with the tech-oriented show visitors at your exhibition stand. Needless to say, technology is also the way to attain growth since it enables you to interact with your potential leads. However, selecting the ideal technology integration for your stand can be difficult! Therefore, here we have listed few technologies that will help you choose the right technology to integrate with your exhibition stand for Automechanika 2024.

Possible Technologies You Can Integrate With Your Exhibition Stand For Automechanika 2024 Trade Fair


✓ Interactive Flooring

Do you look at the flooring while walking? Well, in exhibitions flooring is amongst one of the major aspects we consider to highlight. But, can you turn it into an interactive part of your booth? Yes, you can. Installing LED lights with proximity sensors that pick up movement can change its color while making the floor worthwhile.  In this way, by using responsive LED flooring in your stand, you can attract the attention of visitors. You can consult with your exhibition stand design company for Automechanika for more creative suggestions.

✓ 4D Storytelling & Multi-Sensory Installations

We assure everyone has the taste of 4D theatres and that our next recommendation is to lean by! Offering multi-dimensional experiences – 360-degree projection environment to your visitors at Automechanika exhibition will create a surreal experience for your audiences. Such an immersive experience will not only help you score for the brand but also will help you convert leads into profits. Most significantly, offering 4D storytelling will give a kick to your customers’ psyche while imprinting your brand’s image in their minds. Hence, increased probability of future conversion!

✓ Virtual/Motion Walls

Motion-sensing virtual walls are an exceptionally immersive idea to transform your exhibition stand walls into an engaging and interactive experience. Indeed, virtual walls are impressive in a way!  You can use LED and projector screens to place on walls to create a digital canvas for your show visitors. The visitors get to have a lot of information visually about the company and also create a compelling environment.  You can make these virtual walls even more interesting by letting your visitors write their respective feedback and by using the virtual/motion walls to create a “virtual environment” for cars and bikes racing at the Automechanika trade Fair.

✓ Digital Display

Using the combination of various technologies like motion-sensing LCD screens plus interactive mirror screens, you can innovatively create a digital display for the product’s presentation. Distinctive to the traditional display, this immersive digital display can be tweaked in real-time. One can change its color, the sound it has, its look while keeping it fresh and dynamic for interaction with the visitors at the Automechanika trade fair.

Types of technologies that you can use as a digital display:

  • Digital Glass: A large digital glass with multi-touch competency can be used to display your products while focusing its features like a digital presentation.
  • Transparent LCD Screen: This exclusive piece of technology can act as a digital overlay to showcase your real products. It enables you to augment your product demonstration with a virtual interface. Such an exclusive merger of digital with real-life products can wow your visitors and make the products more memorable.