All the stationery trends and innovations are showcased at one place called Paperworld. The show is highly proclaimed for the brand manufacturers and international newcomers. With its exclusive and innovative product diversity, Paperworld Messe Frankfurt is a crucial meeting point for the industry and a source of inspiration for new creators. Broadly speaking, everything (related to stationery, office supplies and writing instruments) are segregated into two categories- Office (visionary office) and Stationery (stationery trends). Office covers commercial/office supplies; while on the other hand, Stationery covers paper and stationery items for personal utilisation.

Stationery trends being displayed at Paperworld makes it the highlight of the year for innovative business ideas. From wholesalers, booksellers, retailers, the Internet & mail order sector to commercial consumers, Paperworld Frankfurt works as the most influential platform for all the business owners in the stationery sector.

Stationery Product Groups At Paperworld 

  • Visionary Office: Visionary office criteria compile the entire world of commercial office supplies. It is a segment where you’ll find every product that gives make over to the workplace.
  • Stationery Trends: From gifting items, to paper goods, high-quality accessories, and greeting cards are showcased here. Various international exhibitors dealing in paper and stationery products for private utilisation present their ideas, designs and lifestyle range of goods at this largest stationery marketplace.

Stationery Trends You Can Expect In 2022 Edition Of Paperworld

  • Contemplative approach: Contemplative approach is the one that particularly focuses on nature. You will discover renewable material that will include jute, bark, wood, and grass. These materials are best paired with marble, metal and stone to set a natural looking theme. Particularly, these four materials stay in its natural state that is roughly woven, hewn, broken, due to the rudimentarily process. Further in addition, such hand-caressing finishes and rustic surfaces emphasize the original beauty of the nature. Other than that, for seasonal decorations it will go with clay and ceramics with an uneven and sandy appearance look.
  • Heirloom feelings: Heirloom feelings best reflects on poetry and gracefulnessits poetic and young style opens up the positive viewpoint. Number of creative and spirited aspects can be explored in the design that includes delicate versions of hues. Flowers alongside frills, minimal graphic designs, and chequered patterns will lighten up the theme. Considering that the bliss of decorating is imitated in every aspect of the product itself therefore, from festive decorations, gift wrapping papers and greeting cards to stylish working and writing.
  • Spirited response: Spirited response is inspired with sustainable solutions! It’s not a trend, but is essential. This particular trend presents smart substitutes and progressive solutions that focuses on zero waste (circular economy and up & recycling). Designs under this category are handcrafted, colourful, creative, and uncomplicated. Organic illustrative designs of spirited response are reminiscent of 1960s and have a strong impact.

So, if you are visiting to Paperworld 2022, then expect these stationery trends to explore! Though there will much more trends that you will witness, these are just on the top of the list that we found.