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Time span from making stone weapons till the mind grappling and tech driven innovation is huge! Would you believe, the approximate time span is nearly about 3.3 billion years? Well, yes! The history of technology has gone through all the years when human species came into its first existence. Have your wondered when the terminology called “Technology” did got transformed into “Smart Technology”? The truth is, we never realised the pace at which technology was growing alongside the humans.

Speaking of Smart Technology, do you remember when smart phones were invented? 1992 was the year when first smart phone made its debut with the name “Simon Personal Communicator” designed by IMB- 15 years ahead of iPhone’s release. Interestingly, smart technology took over the world and changed the way of living and to earn the living. Each business sector was technology driven and who managed to stay ahead with technology also, managed to lead the business. Likewise, Exhibition Industry was also enlightened with the technology. Soon the industry started responding more than ever and started to boom across the world.

Programmed to ease the human efforts, smart technology not only turned the odds into opportunities but also affected the business outcome in exhibition industry significantly! With its core understanding, we at Sensations’have recently launched the following Smart Technology Assistance for our clients to enhance their respective experience with us. Continue reading to explore more about smart technologies, we have introduced to make the exhibiting experience easier than ever.

Smart Technologies


Our aim is to present client’s respective product and service in a much interacting and engaging manner in assistance with virtual trade show booths and displays, employing online/digital methodology. Virtual stands/booths are an innovative and technology driven answer to the evolving needs of evolving world. Virtual Exhibition Stands are more like a real life experience and creates the same kind of interaction and engagementwith booth visitors by displaying your product (s)/service (s) on the employed virtual platform. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, virtual stand displays are the game changer to bring business back to life.


 Smart Booth is a newly introduced concept of hosting an exhibition without an exhibitor on fair ground. To be more precise, smart booth display is a semi-virtual booth, where exhibitors have the privilege to host the show from their home, hence, remote access to your trade show boothwith a guarantee of hundred per cent business flow and lead generation. While extracting infinite business possibilities, we present the unique business generating concept called Smart Booth- Enabling you to exhibit, interact and engage with your show stand visitorsfrom being remote.

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Smart Catalogue is one of the technologies driven concept thatreplicate the traditional pamphlets and brochuresto display your company profile, products and services offered. It gives an ease to your show visitors to browse about your company and the offered products & services using in-store tablets/smart screens. Smart Catalogue typically display customised digital business catalogues with an easy interface (hand/voice gesture) while making the business and product’s showcasing flexible.


Putting hold on lack of communication, schedulers works as a common platform for exhibitors and visitors to stay updated about each and every meeting and conference to be held in any particular exhibition show. Other than this, schedulers are also specialized in profiling your company detail, products & services including staff information and types of available collaborations. Last but not the least, schedulers are also integrated with ER Show Interactive Trade Show Floor Map that enables exhibitors to pre-book the hall and booth stands in real time and extends the benefit to search booths and its respective product and service offerings.


It’s not just that Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology re-shaped the entire computer science branch but also gave an edge to the exhibition industry. Automated lead generation, client’s feedback and integrated visitor’s analysis are few extensions benefited to exhibition industry in assistance with Artificial Intelligence. AI technology integrated in exhibition stands designed and build by us contain the advancements backed by AI.

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