The exhibition Industry is the proven instrumental aspect in B2B communication since its commencement. And being the front foot platform offering face-to-face engagement and interaction to the worldwide companies and customers, exhibitions have attained recognition globally. This is the preeminent reason why the exhibition industry carters a huge proportion in the world economy.

A Quick Fact

The German exhibition sector is a crucial player not just in Germany but also at an international level. In fact, Germany is the headquarter of five of the world’s ten highest-grossing exhibition companies.

An Insight Of Global Exhibition Market (2018-2019)

The exhibition industry steadily generated amplified revenue for straight fifteen years. From €2.3 billion in 2002, the industry recorded its highest revenue generated in 2018 of around €4.0 billion.

2018 was relatively a good year for Germany itself hosting 178 international and national exhibitions. Exhibitors count rose by 2%, with a disproportionate increase in foreign exhibitors by 4.4%. Stand space increased too by 2% and the visitor’s count stayed stable at a high level.

163 international including national exhibitions held in 2019 achieved unwavering results. Exhibitor’s participation grew by around 1% while an average increase of half a percent in exhibitor stand space was seen.

The Globex 2019 discoveries show, the global exhibition industry continues to be extremely profitable, as face-to-face interaction remains strongly valued. In regards to it, Florent Jarry, head of AMR’s global events practice, stated, “Digital technologies are more likely to enhance the exhibitions and the customer experience instead of replacing them.

Moving forward, and speaking of 2020, the current exhibition outlook in the majority of countries has slowed down the developments and business opportunities in the exhibition industry. However, 2021 holds a lot for exhibitors in terms of opportunities by offering them new amendments. Taking Florent Jarry’s statement, “Digital technologies are more likely to enhance the exhibitions and the customer experience instead of replacing them” in consideration, clearly depicts his idea of technology-oriented Exhibition Stand Design and Booth. Indeed, digital technologies are going to be a substantial pillar of the upcoming exhibition in 2021. Let’s see, what more lies in 2021 for the exhibition Industry!

Revival Of Exhibition Industry: Development & Business Opportunities In 2021

Approaching the year, 2021 is foreseen as the most crucial one amongst the past, considering the revival of business is as significant as to generate maximum revenue. Following pointers are the key aspects for the development & business opportunities in the coming year.

Smart/Digital Technologies

Programmed to simplify human efforts, smart/digital technologies are seen to turn the odds into opportunities and affect the business outcome positively. With our core understanding and being the experienced Exhibition Booth Builder, we highly recommend opting for Smart/Digital Technology Assistance. Emerging digital technologies such as AI For Exhibitions, Virtual & Augmented Reality, and gesture base catalogs are to enhance the customer experience at the exhibitions while leveraging the business opportunities for exhibitors.

Hybrid Booths

Custom Modular/ Hybrid Exhibition Stands are specially designed to fulfill the exhibitor’s need for versatility and flexibility at low market cost, hybrid trade show booths are known as the best booth rental option. Due to its modularity technology, hybrid booths can be upsized, downsized, and can be easily scaled as per the exhibition hall space and other important exhibiting factors. Apart from being easily downsizing or upsizing feature, hybrid booths have flexible layouts that can be utilized every time you re-configure it. Being amongst the Exhibition Booth Contractors, we design the creative, unique, and business-oriented hybrid booths for our clients.