Urbanisation is increasingly shifting consumers’ interest towards buying packed goods and the same is supposed to continue till 2028 with a raising demand for packaging. Meanwhile the surge in demand for packaging also increases the demand for solutions against the challenges faced by packaging and process industry- solutions that are convenient and sustainable. Did you know that the packaging industry on a global scale is a massive economic generator? Well, yes that’s true! Consumer and industry trends for packaging is driving the gigantic growth rate via generating demand for the world packaging industry to reach $1.05 trillion by 2024.

To understand and analyse this phenomenal growth, it’s necessary to examine the top packaging industry trends. And since packaging is an inclusive industry term for the design work and technology going into the process of holistic production, you need one single platform addressing all the challenges. Three prominent exhibitions in Europe will help you network, understand, explore, and find solutions to the challenges faced by the industry. Interpack in Dusseldorf, Fachpack in Nuremberg, All for pack in Paris are the major three shows of packaging and processing industry to take place in 2022-2023.

Packaging Industry Show You Must Participate In 2022-2023 To Network

Improving living standards and increased access to sustainable packaging is the next stop of packaging and processing industry. If you are an exhibitor looking for the packaging industry exhibitions in Europe then here are three best suggested shows you must consider:

Interpack Dusseldorf 2022

Interpack is amongst the foremost trade fair in packaging and processing industry that focuses on the entire chain of packaging. This event focuses on newly launched trends, technologies, products and materials used in packaging. Interpack Dusseldorf not simply an event offering knowledgeable content but, it is also known for its international mix of visitors and exhibitors from different walks of the world. Primarily, exhibitors participating in Interpack trade fair displays processing and packaging technology in food & beverages, industrial goods sectors, confectionery & bakery products, pharmaceuticals & cosmetics, and, non-food consumer goods. Upcoming edition of Interpack Dusseldorf 2023 is scheduled to take place on 4th – 10th May 2023.

Fachpack Nuremberg 2022

FachPack is another important European trade fair signifying packaging processes & its technology. The exclusive portfolio of FachPack Nuremberg encompasses the packaging machinery, packaging materials, peripheral packaging machinery & equipment, packaging accessories, labelling & marking technology, intra-logistics & packaging logistics, packaging printing & finishing, and other various services of the packaging industry. The FachPack welcomes trade visitors from the fields of pharmaceutical/medical technology, food and drink, chemistry, cosmetics, automotive and other consumer and industrial goods. Upcoming edition of FachPack Nuremberg 2022 is going to take place on 27th September till 29th September.

All4Pack Emballage Paris 2022

ALL4PACK takes place once in every two years and is the prominent go-to trade fair welcoming 66,000 industry professionals. Participating in this show gives you the advantage to discover innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. In the upcoming edition, ALL4PACK Emballage Paris will bring all packaging professionals together in 2022. As the year will draw towards an end, visitors from the all around the world will be able to discover all the latest trends and innovations from the packaging and intra-logistics system. Theme for ALL4PACK 2022 has already been set- it will reflect the “changing environment”! Upcoming edition of All4pack 2022 Paris will take place from 21st November till 24th November.