Exhibitions are the magnificent opportunistic platforms for the companies looking forward to make business and build professional network. Whether the company is small or a giant business tycoon, participating in exhibitions is always beneficial. Depending upon your objective- to market your brand, display products, build network with fellow industry peers, or to interact with the right audience directly, exhibitions always help you fulfil your objectives. However, making the most from exhibition shows can be challenging? It’s a platform where numerous competitors stand beside you on show floor while exhibiting in their products at a cut-throat competition. In order to emerge as a successful exhibitor, you need to plan strategically and plan meticulously.

Organising a successful exhibition stand requires creativity, resilience and an exhibiting partner who understands the industry and business. Believe it or not, the level of efforts goes into the stand planning, it ultimately determines the success rate! Today, in this blog post we will share some exclusive business-friendly platforms offered by some selective medical and pharma industry shows, assisting exhibitors to make the most from their participation. Here it goes:

Medica’s Matchmaking Tool 

Increasing the possibilities of large scale networking, Medica Dusseldorf welcomes registered users to benefit the access of Matchmaking tool. Typically, this is to assist exhibitors and visitors to find the right contacts for their respective benefits based on business objectives. Here’s how matchmaking tool helps you capture right buyers and clients at Medica trade fair:

  • Generates individualized personal contact list
  • Virtual/video meetings with the selected contact
  • Intelligent algorithm (in-built AI) reads your interests
  • Meeting and appointment scheduler before the trade fair
  • Suggests personalized recommendations as per your business interests

CPhI’s 365 Digital Solutions

Year-round online platform called 365 digital solutions is to assist exhibitor to reach 280,000 plus global pharma professionals, generate valuable leads, and position oneself as a leading company at CPhI Worldwide. Most importantly, targeted marketing segment at 365 digital portal helps exhibitors fulfil the goals with d measurable results. The platform enables you to upload valuable and actionable content while reaching a large segment of international pharma audience. Here are the some sensational benefits for the exhibitors exhibiting at CPhI Milan:

  • Access to run brand awareness campaigns
  • Arrange thought-leadership campaigns
  • Run lead generation campaigns

Preventica’s Free Access To 180 Workshops & Conferences

Workshops and conferences are the most exciting opportunities offering global, trendsetting and essential industrial knowledge and information. Preventica provide the perfect platform to exchange demonstrations of the latest technologies and know-how of the industry lead by superior figures. In fact, exhibitors have the access to 180 workshops and conferences for the course of 3 days at Preventica where they have the chance to learn and share industry’s top-notch info.

Take Away

Succeeding in an exhibition show deliberately require right choice of the show, business-oriented stand design, and the mode of communication (to create interaction and engagement). While your objectives may differ but it never changes the fact that you need to create engagement on show floor that requires significant and careful planning. Therefore, we highly suggest you to always take the advantage of additional marketing offerings by the show. Marketing platforms suggested above for the respective shows gives you the benefit to meet eager buyers and interact directly with global prospective customers looking for immediate purchase. Thus, it is extremely essential to extract the advantage from such platforms and bridge the success gap!