InterTabac 2024 Dortmund Trade Show

Intertabac Dortmund is the world’s leading exhibition of tobacco products & smoker’s supplies.

19 september - 21 september , 2024

Dortmund, Germany

InterTabac 2024 is an International Event Representing Tobacco & Smoking Accessories in Dortmund

InterTabac Dortmund 2024 is an international platform for networking and growing business. Featuring tobacco and smoking accessories, this show offers an excellent opportunity to promote the latest products in the industry. The visitors and exhibitors will also have the opportunity to learn about innovative inventions and interact with marketing experts in order to improve their business knowledge. A wide range of products is displayed at the InterTabac Dortmund, Germany exhibition, including cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, e-cigarettes, smoking accessories, pipes, press products, liquors, fine-cut tobacco pipes, tobacco shop equipment, and water pipes.

With a record of 13.800 guests, InterTacab 2024 is the world’s largest tobacco event representing the tobacco products and smoker’s supplies industry. Approximately 520 exhibitors from 47 countries participate in this show to explore a range of tobacco-related products and the newest innovations. Furthermore, 42 per cent of visitors come from abroad to this event. InterTabac also offers innovative supporting services that make it even more appealing to exhibitors and visitors!

Visit InterTabac 2024 in Dortmund to Learn More

The InterTabac smoking trade show in Dortmund offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the latest developments, trends, and innovations and to expand their existing networks. The show also allows them to observe the market and place orders! Additionally, the show is ready to take place from 19th September to 21st September 2024 at Messe Dortmund, keeping safety guidelines in mind. Make sure you do not miss this opportunity to participate in a rapidly growing business platform. You can get a free design and quote for your exhibition stand when you contact us! In order to achieve the best marketing results on the show floor, our exhibition stand builder in Dortmund will assist you.

Why Attend InterTabac Dortmund Trade Fair 2024?

InterTabac Dortmund offers numerous benefits to participants and visitors alike. Here are a few reasons why you should consider attending this event:

  1. Networking Opportunities: InterTabac provides a platform for industry professionals to connect and network with peers, suppliers, and potential business partners.
  2. Market Insights: Gain insights into the latest trends, innovations, and developments in the tobacco products and smoking accessories market. Explore new products, technologies, and marketing strategies.
  3. Global Exposure: InterTabac attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, giving you an opportunity to expand your reach and establish connections with international markets.
  4. Trade Fair Highlights: The event features a dedicated exhibition area showcasing the latest products, accessories, and services in the industry. There are also educational seminars, conferences, and workshops to attend.
  5. Business Opportunities: InterTabac is an excellent opportunity for conducting business meetings, negotiations, and sealing deals. Meet with potential suppliers, distributors, and customers to build lasting relationships.

Who are Attending InterTabac 2024 Dortmund?

Visitors to InterTabac can expect to experience a bustling event filled with industry experts, suppliers, and like-minded individuals. Here are a few things to keep in mind when attending InterTabac:

– Registration: Secure your attendance by registering for the trade fair in advance. There are various packages available to suit different business needs.

– Transportation: Dortmund is easily accessible by air, rail, and road. Plan your travel in advance to ensure a smooth journey to and from the event.

– Exhibitor List: Check the list of exhibitors and plan your visit accordingly. Prioritize meeting with suppliers, manufacturers, and key players in the industry.

– Exhibition Map: Obtain a detailed map of the trade fair venue to familiarize yourself with the layout and locate specific exhibitors and areas of interest.

– Social Media: Stay updated with the latest news, announcements, and event highlights by following InterTabac’s official social media platforms.

InterTabac 2024 promises to be a dynamic and significant event for the tobacco products and smoking accessories industry. With its extensive networking opportunities, market insights, and global exposure, it is an ideal platform for businesses to thrive and grow. Mark your calendars for 19th to 21st September 2024 and prepare to immerse yourself in the world of tobacco and smoking accessories.


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