Exhibition Stand design is defined by the amount the designers play with light and shadow in the stand design. In other words, good lighting can either make or break a show. So, it all depends on how we use the light to enhance the stands in the exhibition. As per the research, using effective lighting on the display systems can increase the awareness of the exhibition stand by 30 – 50%. Hence, increasing the footfall for the benefit of the exhibitor and becoming the attention-grabbing element in the booth design.

These days we all know how different types of lighting play a vital role in enhancing the essence of exhibition booth builder. However, while designing, we should remember the primary function of lighting so that it brings out the best in the stands. As quoted by James Thurber, “there are two kinds of light – the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.” Therefore, we should be very careful while deciding the lighting of the stand, as efficient lighting can enhance a basic stand design by folds and vice versa.

To consider it better, we need to understand the fact that while designing, we need to put the

“RIGHT TYPE OF LIGHT, “with “RIGHT INTENSITY & COLOR” at “RIGHT LOCATION” by mentioning the right type of light, we mean there is specific light for a specific task. For example, we use general lighting to illuminate the overall stand, which fulfills the lighting function, so visitors can see and move around easily and safely. However, we must be very careful, as we are usually unaware of the exhibition halls. Hence, general lighting plays an important role in illuminating the booth.

Further comes the accent/ decorative lighting, which creates a focal point and adds to the general lighting, and it can be arranged to grab the attention of any design element. Moreover, product display is the most vital part of the exhibition; here, the display/task lighting enhances the visibility of the displayed products in the design. Layering all these types of lights can add depth to the stands.

Certain products require a distinct light color to bring out the best in them. Likewise, light intensity depends on how much brightness is required to keep the products well-lit in the displays. Color and light intensity can make a stand’s mood and ambiance. Using the exhibitor’s branding color pallet can also be treated as a design element. However, while working with different types of lights with different colors and intensities, the most crucial part is placing them at the right location and in the right quantity. It is necessary not to leave dark spaces while placing the lights and try to cover all the spaces in the stand while maintaining the right quantity and not obscuring the visitors.

Therefore, we need to be more aware that to achieve the perfect lighting in the exhibition stand, we need to create a perfect balance by layering the different types of lights, colors, intensity, and luminance per the exhibitor’s requirement.

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