Technology has always been at its best verse however, using it effectively is proven to be the smartest decision ever! The usage of technology in business is an exemplary example of its smart utilization.  From enabling virtual meetings to planning virtual events across the globe is one of fortunes that exhibition industry has witnessed! Indeed, technology has become an essential tool while offering viable business solutions as needed. Whether it’s meeting planning tools, IT initiative, or AI integration, technology brings enthralling opportunities with itself while stimulating qualified leads at your IDS trade fair booth. To plan such an interactive and technology-driven booth for IDS trade fair 2025, you can connect with our exhibition stand expert!

Speaking of IDS, it is an international meeting place for the entire dental industry where exhibitors get a lifetime chance to meet top decision-makers, dental technicians, specialists, and researchers. Do you know that more than 80 percent of the IDS trade show visitors are involved in purchasing and holds procurement decision-making power? Well, yes! That’s true. This means every third visitor is decisively involved. International dental press gathers at this show, generate an attention-grabbing conference with which excellent response is achieved during and after the IDS trade fair.  

Futuristic Booth Designs For IDS Trade Fair


Considering trade show booth designs are to serve great branding and marketing purposes, it’s necessary to have creative and futuristic booth designs for the IDS trade fair. Such creative and exclusive booth design concepts play a crucial role in attracting your ideal audience. Here are two best picks of trade show booth designs for IDS!

  • Giant Screen Booth Design: This particular giant screen booth design is an interactive display with giant screens/ screen walls. Such kind of booth designs play a significant role in engaging visitors via demonstrating your products digitally. Apart from this, these giant screen booth designs are also attention grabbing and amusing to visitors. We bet it going to be encouraging to your audience.
  • Bright & Open Layout: Some booth designs never go off. Been always in trend, a bright and open layout jazz up the trade show booth space with outside light coming in. However, it doesn’t mean, you don’t have to install lighting. Simply use high walls and ceilings and create a very well-lit space in your trade show booth. This particular design will make your booth welcoming and help you attain attention due to the ultimate sense of spaciousness.

Futuristic Technologies To Install In IDS Trade Show Booth

Technology has made it possible for the trade show industry to target the right demographics on the show floor. Now-a-days it isn’t enough to simply have speakers and industry experts at the trade show. Installing technology in your trade show booth has made it possible to create a more personalized experience by delivering content-oriented needs of attendees. Here are three prevalent technologies that you can install in your IDS trade fair booth:

  • Motion Controlled Technology (touch-less gadgets): Interaction possibilities are endless with motion-controlled technology. Installing motion-controlled technology in your IDS trade show booth to showcase your products will offer an interactive interface to your visitors. Motion-sensitive technology helps generates amusement amongst the people heading towards your booth. At last, since motion-controlled technology creates a fully immersive experience, you can also add “lighting shift technology”- so that, as visitors walk by your booth, the light will also take a shift with them.  
  • Video Projection: Surpassing the limitations of VR, video projection also known as projection mapping effortlessly harnesses the power technology to carter the crowd at the same time. Video projection technology creates 3D environment around you using a projection technology (surface) which typically turns anything on screen into 3D. This illusion is created via lighting distortion- blurring the lines between reality and fiction.
  • Digital Signage: Make your IDS exhibition stand identifiable from far distance with the help of dynamic digital signage. Installing digital signage in the front head of your trade fair booth will enable the right audience to find you on the crowded show floor. We agree that digital signage is no innovation however, using it smartly at your booth will work as the client-attracting element with the least expensive equipment installed.