Trade show booth displays are an essential factor for any business, big or small, start-up or an established firm. Exhibiting your products and service at such global events enhances the chances for the worldwide popularity of your brand, at the same time building a network with new audiences and strengthening the bonds with old ones. Attending the trade shows without any prior strategy and plan, however, might not be rewarding enough if you are rooting for a major breakthrough, hence always plan ahead, like how to use your space. The space in which your trade show booth will be built is always at a premium, regardless of how large or small your show exhibits and displays are. There’s always more to show off and more products for visitors to interact with. In today’s article, we have compiled a list of methods that can help optimize the value of your trade show booth by making appropriate use of walls.

Go boom with your trade show booth walls, remember it’s the first impression that matters

The trade fairground is first of all highly crowded and notably very competitive, hence you only have a few seconds to impress your audience. Make every second count by making use of the most appropriate theme that goes with your brand. Everyone starts with a concrete floor and blocks of walls while building a trade show booth, the difference is in how you fill that space. Incorporate eye-catching images, colours, and graphics, not only to fill the space but on your walls too. Consider adding more elements that move up the walls. Make living walls and add depth and dimension to your exhibition stand designs. A live art installation is also appealing to attendees because it provides an opportunity for attendees to have their pictures taken with the subject. Most impressive trade show exhibits use space in interesting and unexpected ways, such as an explosion of multicoloured chairs across the back wall.

If you want to dig into details, here’s a list of some amazing ideas to upgrade your trade show booth wall

All of your display products does not have to be arranged on tables and counters. Design your trade show booth display walls to make them visually appealing while remaining simple.
  • Light up your booth: Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any trade show event and is extremely important because it adds aesthetics to the space. To create visual interest and highlight the most important graphic elements of your exhibit, use backlit signs and displays, pinpoint spots, and other light effects.
  • Play with colours: Incorporating exotic colours induces the shaping of a bold statement of your trade show booth stand. Integrate the walls with bright colours (black, red, blue, orange, olive green) and a limited colour palette, not more than three. Choose or modify pictures accordingly to highlight the focal colour when designing your wall with alluring pictures.
  • Add interactive elements: The back wall of your exhibition stand design comes spacious in most instances and hence use it wisely. You can integrate the best elements with this wall by incorporating displays panels. Consider building a curved wall instead of a plain one and add 3-D display sections into the wall to make your booth visually appealing.
  • Go creative up your display panel: Instead of making your wall just a graphic backdrop, compartmentalize it by incorporating displays, racks, and product showcases. This will create room for you to feature more of your products and services. You can even create themes with your diverse range of products and arrange them accordingly.
  • Enliven your wall: Exhibitors often decorate their walls with live plants as they are endowed with alluring powers and can instantly connect with the visitors. If this bodes well with your brand and the theme, you can add some plants to make eye-catching back walls. Other methods include adding a live video to your wall that doesn’t just display your brand’s statement but can showcase your values and ideology just by looking at it.
  • Leave space for art: One prominent wall of your trade show booth should be left open for a collaborative art project. Display art tools such as craft paper, a whiteboard, pen, pencil, markers, or paint, for one to have a moment and sketch as they please. You can add a prompt (such as your goals, trade show booth design ideas) and let them go to indefinite dimensions.

Extra’s to take care of when exhibiting at trade show event

Remember that visitors at trade show booth displays attend the shows with some finite objective and hence your main motive is to manifest who you are and why you’re there. Before you construct your trade show booth, pick a theme that not only goes with your brand but can also convey the message. It establishes an immediate emotional connection with your viewers in a trade show display and eliminates the need to repeat your story. This frees up creative space within the expo display for the presentation of additional information. If in doubt, creative designers are here at Sensations Worldwide to help you with it. Remember the key is to keep your message simple, clear, and understandable.