Are you skipping emailing from your pre-exhibition marketing activities? Well, if you are then you are skipping a fundamental marketing activity that keeps the potential to increase visitors’ attraction to your exhibition stand! How? Let’s begin with decoding the myth “e-mail marketing is dead”. If you think so, you are probably missing out on the real metrics. Here’s what you must know!

The email marketing game is still strong. In fact, it’s way stronger than before! Data says, “In 2020, approximately 306 billion e-mails were sent and received each day globally. And this figure is projected to increase to over 376 billion daily e-mails by 2025”. If nothing else then this data itself speaks of real facts and numbers confirming e-mail marketing is one of the best strategies to grow your business. After all, simply setting up an exhibition stand in 392,453 square meters of exhibition ground may not help you capture leads. Therefore, formulating a pre-show marketing campaign is equally important as having an innovative exhibition stand.  However, it’s significant to understand the science of e-mail marketing in order to create business opportunities at your exhibition stand. Here’s an exclusive customized guide, how you can create possible business opportunities via e-mailing before the exhibition!

Step By Step Guide To Create A Pre Exhibition Show Stand E-mail Marketing Campaign

Do remember, when you formulate an e-mail, ensure to keep it short and crisp in order to stay connected with the readers. Apart from that, only mention relevant details about the exhibition show stand or something a reader may show interest in! 

  • Set Your Goals: Before you choose the tool for e-mail marketing, you must set your goals. Treating goals as your priority! Whether you are looking to make sales, build brand visibility, launch a new product/service or generate leads- your goal should be your one and only priority in the mail. Focus on conveying one message at a time instead of confusing the reader.

Pro Tip: Mention something interesting in the e-mail that you are planning to showcase in your exhibition stand so that it creates a buzz amongst the readers and visit your stand to find out more.

  • Define The Audience: Second most important drill is to define the targeted audience. The E-mail address that you have in your database needs to be segregated and refined so that you can formulate a separate list of targeted audiences. For example, if you have the newsletter subscribers’ email addresses and those people aren’t likely to attend the event then you must remove those e-mail addresses and keep the relevant ones. Therefore, you must focus on e-mail to those who are related to the industry and have shown interest in your business in the past. This will also help you avoid the bounce rate.
  • Freeze The E-mailing Timelines: Another crucial aspect of running an e-mailing campaign for your exhibition show stand is to freeze timelines. You may not want to spam your readers’ mailbox. For that, freeze e-mailing timelines prior to the show.

Pro Tip: Try running an e-mail campaign 3 months before the show, 2 months before the show, 1 month before the show, and at last 1 week or a couple of days before the show. This will help you in creating a recall amongst the readers and will leave a positive impression on the readers about the show and your participation.

  • Create An Ideal Landing Page: Now that you have sent an e-mail and as a result, your reader may look to land somewhere, it’s highly necessary to provide the call to action. This is where you need to offer them a landing page from where they can learn all the important information/ all the relevant details about the show’s appearance and your exhibition stand in one place. Practicing so will provide the recipients a place to find out more information in one place.

  • Offer An Incentive/Value: One of the keys to attaining success via email campaign is to offer incentive/value to the readers. With pre-exhibition show stand emailing, you may require to be creative since you must offer a reason to visit the readers. This is specifically true if you are reaching out to the list of attendees who may have never have heard of your brand. The ideal reason to offer this incentive or value is, you’ll indirectly be offering a prize of some kind available for the people who will be visiting your exhibition stand. Or perhaps only for people who will be reserving a meeting slot with you.