Once upon a time, there was a glassware merchant in a part of Egypt. He was a glorious businessman with a tiny showroom on the top of the mountain. His business flourished until dozens of other merchants opened their showrooms along the stairway, and by the time people reached the top of the mountain, they got tired and stopped noticing the merchant’s showroom. A young boy passing by gave him one of the best business advice ever. To clean the showroom windows, display the best of his glassware by the window across the street, and open a tea stall outside the showroom serving warm tea in the glassware, which is novel to the town. This simple idea of displaying his products changed the businessman’s fate, expanding his business manifold.                                                                    –                                                                                                                                                                                                                          – Story from “The Alchemist”

The predominant aspect of the exhibition industry that attracts visitors is how the product is displayed and how the stand is designed. A well-designed stand that effectively displays the company’s products or services can attract visitors.

Humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish. The average attention span of a goldfish is 9 Sec, and that of a human is about 8.25 Sec. Human attention span ranges between 2 sec to 20 minutes. To appeal to the wandering eyes of the visitors and get them fixated on the products requires a unique and striking design. Individuals get influenced by various external stimuli and activities. People prefer interacting with their surroundings. The designs that focus on the user’s emotional and physical engagement receive the most attention and footfall. Here are a few ways to use creativity and design to enhance footfall at the stand.


A visually appealing exhibition stand can attract attention and draw visitors, which can be achieved through the creative use of Colors, Light, Physical elements, and Bold graphics. Using these aspects, one can create a visually stimulating environment and give the visitors a sense of the brand and its value.

Senses are closely connected with memory. A unique sensory experience makes a lasting impression on the visitor compared to a traditional stand design. This can be achieved with ambient colours and the creative use of lighting solutions.

Interactive elements such as touch screens, demonstrations, or virtual reality experiences can engage visitors and increase their interest in the company. These elements can help visitors experience the company’s products or services more tangibly, making it easier for them to understand the value proposition.


The Exhibition Stand should be easily accessed, and the walking paths should be designed. The circulation of the visitor should be properly planned. Circulation Pattern should be carefully planned, showcasing the brand, its values and its products. The journey of a visitor, if planned properly, remains memorable. It should start and end with a visually striking design.

Providing comfortable seating and functional space can encourage visitors to spend more time at the stand and engage with the company’s representatives. This can include providing seating areas, tables, or even demonstration areas where visitors can try out products. A functional and comfortable stand can create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, making visitors more likely to engage with the company and its representatives.


Storytelling is an age-old art that brought people together throughout history. People remember a good story. The visitor’s journey in a booth should be planned in such a way that it tells a story with the usage of different sensory articles and media, navigating them from one experience to another. Narrating the story of the product and the company using innovative display techniques and upcoming technologies grasps visitors’ interest. It makes them spend more time getting to know the product.


A clear and concise message communicated through design can help visitors quickly understand the company’s products or services. This can be achieved through clear and easy-to-read graphics, informational posters, or interactive displays. A clear message can also help the company effectively communicate its value proposition and differentiate itself from its competitors.

“Brand is the story. Design is the storytelling.” – Susan Sellers.

What else is a great platform to narrate a brand’s story than an exhibition stand? Every great design begins with an even great story. When creativity and empathy are used to display a great story of the product, utilizing innovative sensory techniques, the experiences remain memorable.

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