Participating in the Anuga trade fair can be proven extremely opportunistic for the food enthusiasts! Beat it, exhibitors or visitors, this exhibition has an impressive concept for all that allows exhibitors and visitors to experience the spectacular diversity within the food and beverage industry. Anuga Cologne is the trade show that represents 10 distinctive spectrums of the food and beverage sector under one roof. So, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in Anuga 2025. Each food segment displayed in this show is unique and showcases the specific segment’s trends throughout the exhibition.

This well-structured event bifurcated in 10 various segments enables exhibition attendees to explore and discover the entire show easily with the right information. At the Anuga trade show, you can gather all the information you require about the specific sub-division of the food and beverage industry. Segments at Anuga Cologne range from fine food to frozen food presenting the products and food innovations for that particular industry. Here’s all you need to know about 10 different shows happening under one roof of the Anuga exhibition!

Discover The Diversity Spread In 10 Various Segments At Anuga Trade Fair


  • Anuga Fine Food

    Anuga fine food is the largest segment under the roof of the Anuga- the segment that highly focuses on gourmet, delicatessen, and staple foodstuffs. Other than that, the Anuga Fine Food trade show represents an exclusive fine line and gourmet food that makes this segment the most integral part for producers and customers of the food industry.
    The Fact: Anuga fine food is the crucial export platform with the occurrence of 4,236 exhibitors from 93 different countries.

  • Anuga Frozen Food

    Coolest of all segments under the roof of Anuga trade fair- this segment is solely dedicated to frozen food. Considered as the most important segment for trade, out-of-home market, and the entire frozen food industry, Anuga Frozen Food represents especial and in-trend variants of frozen food and ice cream products.
    The Fact: Anuga Frozen Food is a significant export platform with the occurrence of 608 exhibitors from 56 different countries.

  • Anuga Meat

    Anuga Meat can be your go-through show if you are interested in the latest progress in the segment of meat, processed meat, and poultry! Food innovations and product launches of this segment take place in its own separate halls at the Anuga food trade fair. In a nutshell, this segment offers all trends & innovations in all aspects of meat, sausage, and poultry.
    The Fact: Anuga Meat is the primary export platform with the occurrence of 956 exhibitors from 50 different countries.

  • Anuga Dairy

    Anuga Dairy is counted amongst the special segment under the roof of the Anuga exhibition for the dairy products and dairy industry- the must-visit segment for the producers and traders of milk products. The segment is the internationalization of milk and dairy products that offers special attention to topics such as alternatives to regular milk and the extended shelf-life of dairy products.
    The Fact: Anuga Dairy is a prominent export platform with the occurrence of 446 exhibitors from 45 different countries.

  • Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food

    Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food offers the on-go nutritional importance under the roof of the Anuga trade show. Also, includes fresh delicatessen and fresh out-of-house products for the quick snack. This segment called Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food presents fresh out-of-home and innovative convenience health products at the event.
    The Fact: Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food is the chief export platform with the occurrence of 148 exhibitors from 38 different countries.

  • Anuga Bread and Bakery

    Anuga Bread & Bakery segments enable the unique business opportunities to gather from the synergies of the diverse business aspects of bread and baked goods under the roof of Anuga trade fair. It highlights the trends in baked goods and international specialties. Other than that, it also features producers of the industry to present the innovation made in the bread and bakery industry.
    The Fact: Anuga Bread & Bakery is the leading export platform with 433 exhibitors from 44 countries.

  • Anuga Drinks

    Anuga Drinks is the wide umbrella represented at the Anuga trade show that offers an additional segment displaying innovative and trending drinks in the area of non-alcoholic drinks. Moreover, it’s a unique business stage for trade and non-domestic markets. All in all, here you can discover what latest drinks will enter the market and the future of the soft drink market.
    The Fact: Anuga Drinks is the prime export platform with the occurrence of 546 exhibitors from 69 different countries.

  • Anuga Organic

    Anuga Organic provides a wide array of organic products supplied from Germany and overseas with a clear export focus under the roof of the Anuga exhibition. Under this segment, you can discover the diversity of organic-certified food and products for retail. This segment mainly focuses on the export of high-quality organic products, expert speakers, and other organic trendsetting foods.
    The Fact: Anuga Organic is an important export platform with the occurrence of 282 exhibitors from 15 different countries.

  • Anuga Hot Beverages

    Anuga Hot Beverages segment presented under the roof of the Anuga food trade fair offers unique business opportunities from the various synergies like tea, coffee, and cocoa sector. Most importantly, it also offers you the platform to build business contacts and learn about diverse products. Last but not the least, it’s the unified platform to increase the product assortment for your customers.
    The Fact: 87% of Anuga Hot Beverages visitors are rated as “extremely satisfied” with the trade fair offerings.

  • Anuga Culinary Concepts

    Anuga Culinary Concepts is an extended out-of-house market & combines equipment, technology, and cuisine for the regional and the export segment under the roof of Anuga trade fair. A culinary segment of this trade fair is the leading business meeting platform for the gastronomy and trading market. Additionally, it’s the mixture of lectures and presentations enabling visitors to explore innovation at the first hand.
    The Fact: Anuga Culinary Concepts is the foremost export platform with the occurrence of 124 exhibitors from 17 different countries