Centre of advanced integration technology and a platform where you find the dedicated technology zone demonstrating extensive creation, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the major play flied for the AV innovators enabling them to exhibit the future in technology! From its first ever 2014 edition to the latest edition, ISE has truly evolved as a multi-faceted four day event and the year 2022 expects to welcome equivalent or more than last year’s exhibitors i.e., 1300. Indeed this event has seen strong and sustainable growth over the past years- that now appear as a major launch-pad for manufacturers and service providers to exhibit new products and solutions into the AV and systems integration marketplace!
Being a part of technology industry, exhibitors participating in Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 may have to fill in the criteria of “tech savy”. How? The simplest way is- be as futuristic as the displayed products in the event. For that, we will be suggesting advanced and futuristic screens and displays to incorporate in your exhibition stand for ISE 2022. Continuous integration of digital advancements is proven expressive and inventive to demonstrate your capabilities and furtherance on show floor. Here are some screens & display suggestions that you can opt for to install in your Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade fair in 2022!

Sorts Of Digital Screens & Displays To Install In ISE 2022 Exhibition

Backed-up with the right equipment in your exhibition stand for ISE is the key to maximum prospect interaction. Hence, having digital screens and displays installed in your booth is highly recommended to easily share convey your message, and presentations while enable the visitors to access about your company freely via independent browsing. Here are top 4 choices you must opt for when exhibit in Integrated System Europe trade fair in 2022 for increased interaction with your prospects.   

  • Interactive Digital Table Top: Interactive digital table tops (touch tables) aren’t just fun to use but also keep the potential to engage your prospects on the show floor. So, transform the way to introduce your company to the clients with an ultimate futuristic technology delivering memorable visual pitches at ISE 2022. Installing interactive touch tables will make engaging your prospects easier than ever while serving as the perfect technology to impress them and overtake the competition on fair ground.   
  • Curved Screen: Curved screen monitor has now become quite popular and is an interesting technology trend. If you are aware of the remarkable features of curved monitor then you will understand the importance of its installation in your ISE 2022 exhibition stand. High quality and additional immersive experience is one of the many reason that we suggest you to install curved monitor. Since the curved screen offers a more realistic viewing experience, it also becomes the crucial feature to attract attendees at the trade fair.
  • Voice Control Screen: Given the choice of typing over voice search, people prefer voice control. So, why not opt to install voice control screen in you ISE 2022 trade fair stand. As voice assistance has become popular, it is the suitable option for businesses to consider it to make the part of their communication strategy. In fact, when talking about conferences and event, voice control seems more appropriate and can provide assistance as your task-manager such as giving presentation, scheduling meetings, setting up reminders.
  • 3D Display Screen: 3D display screen technology not only makes it more appealing to the public but also maximizes your brand value. In fact, this technology is proven to have an immediate yet long-lasting influence on the targeted audience while enhancing our brand impact including product promotion. The 3D display brings visual effects that are more impactful and aesthetic than the static images, marking it as the next focal point in display technology.