Building the Green Exhibition Stand: A Myth or a Reality

By admin | 9 March, 2023

An eco-friendly exhibition stand is no more a myth. Watching a steady demand for sustainability is a mandate. There are plenty of options one can consider in this matter. As experts in this industry, we can provide a designer’s viewpoint on what needs to be done and what should be excluded.

Parameters of the best exhibition stand display

  1. Functional
  2. Serves the purpose
  3. Aesthetically pleasing
  4. Enhance the experience of the attendees at all costs
  5. Stand design that evokes a reaction
  6. Reusable and sustainable

Eco-friendly exhibition ideas

Energy efficientDo not try to take an oath. But take it as a mandate than as an option. If you need lighting and other elements for the show, use low-power elements that will consume less energy. But you have no idea, what low-power elements are, you must go for smart electronic devices to install at your exhibition stand with energy star logos to save a lot many bucks and become a part of the go-green campaign.

Design materials: It is the best way to go eco-friendly. The only thing is that businesses will bear the brunt of the cost, as the cost of design materials from recyclable products is a lot more than the usual ones. And if you need fabrics, go for lighter ones, these will be more eco-friendly ones (as greener options will use less fuel to make lighter fabrics). But we recommend using dye-sublimation on the fabric, which will further make it further lighter. So, apart from the raw materials, technology also plays a part in making your exhibition stand fully eco-friendly.

Green technology: Going eco-friendly is no more about products but about eco-friendly technology. Reusing and recycling the products is the best way to go. But our expert designers have a different perspective like businesses can use lightweight and modular stand structures made of fabric. And do not worry about flexibility and durability being par above excellence.

RepurposingDesigners are always keen on researching materials that do not cause hindrances during recycling methodology. So, our expert designers prefer using wood to make industry-specific exhibition stands. And nowadays, construction materials are used as decorative elements for the exhibition stand designAdditionally, the use of construction materials as decorative elements simplifies recycling and repurposing. Some of the commonly used construction materials are bamboo (plant matter), glass, aluminum extrusion systems (aluminum uses 5% energy to recycle), paper (plant matter), and recyclable plastics. But some stand constructors refer to these construction materials as low-grade construction materials, as they incur fewer production costs.

CopolymersA type of plastic, they are a good fit for exquisite exhibition stand design and build. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is a type of copolymer that can be easily molded into various sizes and thicknesses. And 3D designers are also a lot happier than usual, as they get to experiment with a lot of colors, textures, and surface finishes. ABS is a fire-retardant regulator that adheres to fire safety standards. ABS offers a cost-friendly option with long-lasting quality and provides excellent laminating results in comparison to wood.

Digital Technology: Most businesses are going for the latest technology, like AR or VR, to stay sustainable, above their rivals in terms of sustainability, and are a greener option too.

Conclusion: These technologies, and design elements, low-grade construction materials can be a bit overwhelming. But you can contact us, the best stand builder in Europe, who can assist you in giving a clear picture of what goes into the exhibition stand according to your perspective.


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