BrauBeviale 2020 is all set to take place from 10th November till 12th November at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg recognized as BrauBeviale Special Edition. BrauBeviale 2020 Nuremberg has modified its concept in order to run a safe show while keeping the current pandemic circumstances in mind. Relevant authorities say safety and hygiene concepts are deployed to create a safe exhibiting experience for exhibitors and for the visitors at the same time.

“The decision to hold BrauBeviale this year was not just down to us as the organizer but was taken in close consultation with our exhibitors, visitors, and partners,” says Andrea Kalrait- Executive Director BrauBeviale at NürnbergMesse. He further explains discussion to host BrauBeviale Nuremberg 2020 was always in consideration since the valuable exhibitors for BrauBeviale Nuremberg wanted to have the annual gathering in 2020 at Nürnberg Messe.

BrauBeviale 2020 Nuremberg Germany Theme

The theme for BrauBeviale 2020 is going to be the “future viability of the beverage industry”. Considering the 2020 year, in particular, has forced a number of companies in the beverage industry to face challenges, the future viability of the beverage industry hence, appeared important than ever! The BrauBeviale 2020 Nuremberg Special Edition, therefore, represents SOLIDARITY. BrauBeviale Nuremberg as the core show, gathering the entire beverage industry at one single platform puts out the unifying message, retains industry stakeholders, and helps them join the forces to emerge from such a difficult situation.

BrauBeviale 2020- Safety & Hygiene Concept

Speaking of BrauBeviale 2020 Nuremberg Germany Special Edition, Andrea Kalrait talks about the Special Edition by explaining, “Naturally, protecting our customers has always been our top priority and accordingly we have deployed BrauBeviale 2020- Safety & Hygiene Concept especially made to ensure highest safety levels for all trade show exhibitors, visitors and, workers of BrauBeviale 2020 Germany.” The major protection objectives of safety measures issued for the BrauBeviale Nuremberg 2020 show are to facilitate a contact-free and hygienic environment.

At BrauBeviale 2020 Germany show, there’s going to be a one-way to direct the visitor through the halls. Places in the entire hall, when not possible to observe social distancing, masks are to be worn and, the show stands have to abide by the issued safety and hygiene norms by BrauBeviale organizers. Moreover, all the necessary contact information of exhibitors and visitors who attended the show will be gathered in order to ensure traceability, if required. Most importantly, to ensure the permissible show visitors are not exceeded, tickets will be sold day-wise prior to the show dates available as of now. Therefore, each and every BrauBeviale 2020 Nuremberg Germany visitor may have to decide on a specific day of the show and then have to register for it. Show tickets will be available on mobile devices to allow contactless access to the show grounds.