Key to a successful exhibition stand is a vigilant forecasting to its end results. In order to drive organic traffic to your expo exhibition stand and leave a lasting impact on your stand attendees, it requires creating an ideal and detailed exhibition plan. Now whether it is in regards to identifying your business objective to be put across the visitors or to generate progressive leads, we, being one of the prominent exhibition stand design companies in Europe extend this blog from our end that can help you achieve an effective and strategic promotional marketing.

Considering the fact that exhibiting contributes to an exciting opportunity to network on tangible grounds and know your customer’s feedback in real-time, it becomes extremely significant to host a powerful and successful exhibition. So, here are 5 tips for a successful exhibition to abide by and make the most out of it.

  • Ideal Brand/ Business Representation: First things first, a striking and remarkable entrance can be a strong magnet for high-density visitor flow. Select a display stand design that stands out from the crowd. This can be achieved through a plethora of possibilities. However, the most effective one is to heighten the stand. This can be done with the entire exhibition stand having a hanging structure or just a couple of walls. Use these walls to display your brand logo, taglines, and objectives to attain. Present the brand visually with corporate videos and multimedia applications. Installations attract attention and make it easier to establish contact with customers and help fill in for the waiting time. In addition to this, you should also opt for bright and eye-catching colours. Use the colours and design of your exhibition stand to reflect your industry identity. The colours should underline your most important messages without being distracting. This will attract the attention of the onlookers that might help them connect with your business offerings.


  • Know Your Competitor: Before you go deep into drafting the final plan for your expo stand, do a bit of research to know who your competitor is. You may ask the organisers for a list of confirmed exhibitors and get to know which brands are your neighbours. Analysing their past stands can help you understand their brand language and help you stand out from the crowd and be unique. Sometimes, having a well-established brand with a large display stands can also help to pull more traffic to your stand. And thus, your positioning can turn out to be very beneficial. It can also increase your chances of better lead generation and more sales.


  • Engage And Interact With Visitors: Once you have attracted visitors to your bespoke exhibition stand, your next target is to engage and interact with them. Plan different kinds of activities which effortlessly make your visitors engage with the product and increases opportunities to interact. Remember that innovations and contests attract audience to you’re the stand. Let them indulge in activities that are typical to your brand and product.Another way to generate curiosity is by live promotions. Uploading live photos of the show or going live on social media does wonder for the brand’s online marketing. Think about the fun activities you can organise to entertain your guests. People should be interested in trying out these experiences. From product simulations to offering merchandise and gifts, and surprise jackpots, you can offer anything and everything which helps in customers spending longer span of time in your booth.


  • Multisensory Experience/Technology: Another important thing to add to your booth to make it more visit-worthy is to make it multisensory. This could be easily done by adding technology. Any innovative and eye-catchy technology can work tremendously for your exhibition stand. Exhibition designers are now more and more adding video walls, 3D hologram installations, interactive screens and virtual reality to make the customer experience stand out. But even if your budget might not be able to incorporate a lot of technology, you can give your customers a multisensory experience by playing with light, integrating olfactory stimuli such as fragrances, flowers and plants, adding unexpected yet pleasant sounds and tones and even providing taste-based elements by offering something to eat & drink. Make sure to provide them with a holistic experience at the end of it.


  • Functionality and Space Management: Being the prominent stand builder in Europe, we suggest that it is very important to not forget the reason why you are exhibiting in the exhibition in the first place. As the famous architect Louis Sullivan coined the saying “Form follows Function”, the structure and space management of the booth should be designed keeping the function of the exhibit in mind. Smart utilization of space is a key factor for smooth functioning of the booth. Walking around in the trade fairs usually makes people tired. The focus must be to have enough space to move around the exhibit and at the same time have stopovers to sit and relax. The visitors are a lot more willing to listen to your pitch and ideas if they are sitting and resting. We can guarantee you; this will make them more interested in your products and services.

Knowing the importance of designing and building the best exhibition stands, we the exhibition stand manufacturers give you a shout out here to avail our exhibition booth designing services that will help you obtain your business objectives.