By admin | 11 December, 2020

As we re-phrase exhibitions to match the new-age and to meet plans for the future, the term “Digital Hybrid Exhibitions” is born. What is the Digital Hybrid Exhibition? In simple terms, an exhibition which happens both in-person as well as online. Digital Hybrid Exhibition Stand brings together people in a physical trade show whilst offering virtual access to those who are unable to attend the trade fair. This gives an opportunity to bank upon the advantages of all formats – Physical, Virtual as well as Digital. With Digital Hybrid Stands likely to remain a mainstay of event execution and planning, it is important to encapsulate how this exhibition format should be formulated such that it is engaging and successful.

Create A Lasting First Impression.

‘Traditional Still Matters’. The importance of a strategic choice of location and a good design within budget is something that should not be overlooked. The ideal proposition would be to make use of modular booth ideas as they allow scalability, reusability, and revamping with brand consistency within budget.

‘Small is the New Big’. Even if the physical brand presence and budget are relatively smaller, we have the power of technology in Digital Hybrid Booth formats which should be used to the potential so as to leave an impact.

Both the above factor runs side by side, ensuring a lasting first impression in Digital Hybrid Booths.

The Physical Experience Should Translate Into A Good Digital Experience.

As much as an impactful digital, as well as physical brand presence, is important in a Hybrid Exhibition Stand, it is prime for the booth to have a high engagement factor not only between the exhibitors and the attendees (both physical as well as virtual), but also between the physical and virtual attendees. Enabling attendees to be able to take a virtual tour of the physical stand, creating compelling & absorbable content that is accessible both online and offline, setting panel discussions and presentations to be short with live Q & A are factors to be considered in order to ensure a seamless flow of experience in and in between physical as well as digital worlds. Also, having exclusivity and a reward system that attendees unlock as they interact with the exhibition is a strategy that works equally well consequently in both physical as well as digital space.

Have A Single Point of Contact Ensuring Seamlessness & Uniformity.

Your stand might be operating in physical as well as digital formats, but that does not mean that it can be taken to be two different exhibits. In such a case, it becomes all the more important to ensure that the two formats operate in tandem and with full integration, such that they operate as one.

In order to achieve seamless planning, visual, and engagement uniformity, it becomes important to have a project manager who remains the one and only point of contact for digital hybrid exhibitions. This person will also be able to ensure smooth flow and interaction of experiences between the different operating platforms within the digital hybrid exhibitions.

Collect Data & Have A Strong Follow-Up Strategy.

Physical exhibitions last for a couple of days only, while Digital exhibitions have the tendency and capacity to operate for more number of days and over different time zones, thus having larger outreach. With increased opportunity, there is a need to have a pre-planned strategy for data capture, lead capture, and lead follow-up. With already integrated technology in digital hybrid booth formats, it becomes possible to make this process automated & SMART.

The Return of Investment (ROI) of such exhibitions is easier to and should be accurately calculated and assessed, such as the number of visitors, the number of attendees per session, how much time and interest was spent on what aspect of product/service, etc. Accuracy of the data collected is something which can be assured in the case of digital hybrid exhibitions.

It’s the time to adapt to a SMART BOOTH concept and take advantage of both worlds as brands plan to exhibit setting their business plans on a go!


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