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 19tH To 23th OCTOBER 2021







    Leading International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition

    EIMA International exhibition Bologna, Italy is an International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Show that showcases products such as Agriculture Processing Machinery, Crop Cleaning, Chemical Fertilising & Spraying Equipment, Weighing & Harvesting Machinery, Grading, Grain Processing Machinery, Irrigation Systems & Equipment, Industrial Feed Stuff Production, and much more specifically in Agriculture & Forestry industry.

    Other than that, EIMA International in 2021 Bologna, will be hosting a variety of workshops and forums in focus areas. Workshops held at this International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Trade Show are a crucial segment where highly qualified industry professionals demonstrate the newest technologies and equipment.

    EIMA International Exhibition Bologna, Italy Figures & Dates

    EIMA International trade fair is subdivided into various categories covering different sectors of agriculture and gardening. Energy, technology, and components are the three major categories in which the EIMA International trade show is divided. Every year the show is expected to visit by 2000 exhibitors to showcase their respective innovations. Approximately one-third of the show exhibitors are from outside the country.

    EIMA is the leading International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Trade Fair taking place biennially. The show regularly gathers 300,000+ visitors to represent the latest innovations made in gardening products, technology, techniques, and tools. EIMA International 2021 is scheduled to take place at Fierra in Bologna, Italy between 19th October to 23th October.

    EIMA International 2021 Safety Measures Update 

    The EIMA International 2021 Bologna Exhibition has planned to implement all the standard safety provisions – issued by the anti-contagion security protocol which specifically states about separate entry and exit gates for visitors, the necessity of masks, temperature measuring checkpoints, and sanitation procedures at various places across the exhibition center.

    In addition, specifically for EIMA 2021 Bologna, Italy access, overall operations will be headed via online systems to avoid queues at ticket counters. At last, the flow and access management systems will be upgraded via an APP- immediately downloadable by visitors that will indicate the flow of the show crowd in the different pavilions, suggesting the most fluid routes.