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What Brief Form Is And It’s Importance

Brief Form is a written imitation of “To Way Conversation” that sets a common understating between the client and a designer to begin the execution of a following project! In other words, brief form works as a visionary medium while setting the mutual ground understating in between a client and designer.

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Why Filling A Brief Form is Important?

First and foremost importance of filling an accurate brief form comes along with a future timer saver for pointless emails, meeting, and calls. Filling a good and ideal brief form for your project allows the exhibition stand design and construction company to understand your project and objectives to be achieved. Apart from setting mutual understanding amongst you and the trade show booth designer and builder while preventing future misunderstanding, filling the right and informative brief form plays a significant role for an exhibition stand designer.

Speaking from a designer’s view point, a comprehensive brief form depictsa client’s vision and scope of business about the particular project. However, many of clients won’t even consider filling a brief form that can possibly create a chaos later on. Therefore, in order to give a clear project ideation to the booth designers and constructor company, it becomes important to fill a brief form accurately. Other than that, it also helps the booth designer to prioritise your requirements and delivering an ideal exhibition stand design with all the exhibiting needs configured you need on show floor.   

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Ensure to describe what your project is about? Clearly specify whether it is a product (s) / service (s) launch orexisting product (s)/ service (s) display? Speaking of specifications, do specify the industry type/business niche as well.

Trade Show Booth Construction


Provide a detailed description about your brand. Furthermore, provide a crystal clear project planning that involves a list of goals to be attained, tasks,deliverables, and deadlines. So don’t miss any detail and be as specified as possible.

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Define the product or service you’re offering? Give a brief product description that you want to display in your exhibition stand on show floor or the product campaign you would run around? It’s similar to USP.


Trade Show Booth Construction


Depending upon the goals and objectives to be attained from an exhibition, you should specify the services and exhibiting essentials to be availed. Whetherits AR, VR, smart catalogue, schedulers, LED walls, flooring type and much more.

Trade Show Booth Construction


Ensure mentioning your targeted audience. For whom exactly the displayed product / serviceis for? Specify the user of your offered product. This will give the designer a quick understanding about your product and business segment you deal in.

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Give several design samples and examples of what sort of show stand you are looking for. You can share your past stand designs (if any) or some relevant links you find interesting and appropriate as per your requirement for a better and creative vision.

Trade Show Booth Construction


Mentioning an approximate budget you have for a project will help the exhibition booth constructor and designer company to design the show stand design accordingly.You can possibly skip this particular section in case money is not a constraint.

What’s the best design brief like?

It’s concise, clear and easy to digest in 10 min.
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